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motorx boots on road bike

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by quixotic, Oct 25, 2006.

  1. sorry if this has been covered before, is i okay to wear motorcross boots on a road bike or are they likely to scratch your fairing to bits?

    I only ask because the 'sexy' looking road boots are big dollars and there are some pretty 'blinged' up offroad ones for around half the price...

    any suggestions or comments are most welcome!


    e x
  2. I rode with moto-x style boots for a bit when I first got my bike. It was a naked so it didn't get damaged, but what turned me off them quickly was that they had no 'feel' on the pedals.....
  3. Yes this was dealt with in an interesting article in BIKE magazine where they imposed a number of handicaps on a top GP rider to see how they would affect his times around Donington.

    Eye patch, one arm behind his back, fat pillion, and a few other things were tried to slow him down.

    Interestingly, the one he had most trouble with was thick gloves and motocross boots, because he couldn't feel his pedals or where his feet were on the pegs.

    So no, I don't think it's a good idea. Protective in a crash, but likely to contribute to a crash as well as you don't have the control.
  4. I wear an old pair of Rossi dirt boots that I bought second hand when I was at high school.

    The real downside was that I had to clean them for the first time in 11 years before I turned up to a netrider coffee. :grin:

    The other possible downside is the buckles that run up each side of the boot. I can now get them on or off in under 3 minutes per boot, but this has taken some time and many hours of practice to achieve.

    In a boot removal emerency, such as a desperate need to enter a traditional japanese restaurant, this could be an issue. (Hence the practice at home :wink:)

    They are water proof to 11 inches of mud, the cost works out to $2 a year since they were made and Im yet to find a pair of "road" boots that are as comfortable and in a style that I like as much.

    Until I do (and have a spare $450 at the time) I think I will be in these for a few more years yet.
  5. thanks for the replies :D

    e x
  6. In short, they would suck.
    Way too heavy, too thick and awkward.
  7. If money is a concern, get some used boots off eBay. Rossi boots are often listed for reasonable prices.
  8. thanks tamarasue, i've been hunting around but none have come up yet in my size :( i'll keep looking,

    e x