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N/A | National Motorway speed limit could be raised to 80mph [UK]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Farab, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. I guess it's unlikely, but when the 70mph was set it was a very arbitrary limit based on the performance of cars at that time
  2. Not likely to happen in this Nanny, money grubbing state anytime soon.
  3. I don't believe it, I simply don't believe it. True pragmatism entering the consciousness of pollies when looking at the road system.

    You can bet that the safety nazi beige forces are amassing and marshalling.

    It will never happen here in Oz... both the raising of the limit and the pragmatic thinking.
  4. Sure hope not.
    Drivers here don't have the competency to drive at such high speeds, lane etiquette is non existant and most suffer "my road syndrome".
  5. Dunno how likely that would be here. With the exception of the Hume Highway (now mostly duplicated!), most of our interstate roads are chip-and-seal undivided goat tracks through remote townships. (E.g. Pacific Highway once it gets up toward northern NSW).

    Though city-to-nearest-big-town freeways like the Melbourne-Geelong M1, Sydney-Newcastle F3, Brisbane-GoldCoast M1, etc, could do with a bump up.

    A man can dream. A man can dream.
  6. In the UK, where does the money from speeding fines go? Is it direct to consolidated revenue like here?
    Just wondering if the Safety Industry has as much influence there.
  7. Traffic on most of those highways arent doing less then 140 at any given time anyway :p. And i think thats about 85mph lol.
    Would be better if it were legal though.

    Wonder if people would end up doing 170 if the limit was 140... Most cars are limited less then that, or not capable of reaching it i spose...
  8. Italy's not Australia (in any way, shape or form), but on their 130kph-when-dry, 110kph-when-wet Autostrada I did observe people generally driving 130 in the wet and 160 in the dry. The carabinari didn't seem to mind.