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Motorola RAZR2 V9 - Opinions

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by eve, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. I'm considering purchasing the new Motorola Razor V9 -

    I've had some negative comments, but was wondering if anyone can shed some light regarding this product.
  2. We've got v6s at work and they are crap.
  3. I got a v6 given to me ... ended up giving it to my Daughter :roll:
  4. All very helpful thank you... but why were they crap?
  5. Motorola are typically crap.

    I have had them and they are stupid.The software is slow and the UI is pretty pathetic.

    The Build quality is a bit poor as well. They like to fall apart quickly, the screens are easily scratched.

    Post up what you want to do with the phone and we can recommend some alternatives.

    Does it need to vibrate?? :rofl:
  6. The user interface is not terribly intuitive for a start, but the biggest problem is the firmware.

    It doesn't alway deal with changes in cells. Sometime you wont be able to make a call and have to shut the phone right down and start up.

    then you wonder how many calls you have missed, because it doesn't seem to register them when it goes into this mode.

    On the positive side this battery doesn't seem to be as bad as the one I had in a Motorola in the past.
  7. :shock:
  8. ha. ha

    :roll: :oops: :cool:

    I just want something that is sleek and looks good. It doesnt need to do much, i mainly talk n text... and be reliable..

    Thanks Vic
  9. I just got a Nokia 6220 Classic, I have had samsungs, motorolas, seimens, LG, etc etc [I work for Telstra] and this is the first phone I have paid for in 10 years. Fast software, nice size and has GPS mapping. Great music player, I love it.
  10. Can't comment on that model, but I have the KRZR K1 model which I've been really happy with. Haven't been able to fault it. I've had bucket loads of Nokia's and Ericsson's and this was my first Motorola. I quite like the interface and operationally it has never had an issue. The PC interface software was loads better than my previous Nokia's rubbish, and having a mini USB connection for charging and interfacing was a welcome change from years worth of proprietary interfaces (of which Ericsson's were the worst and seemed specifically designed to break in about 2 months of use)

    I also really like Motorola's predictive texting above Nokia's. I like how it remembers common sentences you have used and can predict parts or complete sentences instead of just words you are currently typing.

    My 2c anyway :grin:
  11. I've had one of these for a few months now and the biggest problem is the firmware.

    They look sexy and everything is fast, but the firmware! At first there was no problem, but then it's the small things that become really annoying after you use something for a decent amount of time. The interface isn't very intuitive, sometimes it's guesswork as to what the middle 'action' button does and what the left and right 'action' buttons do.

    But it's still a sexy phone...and it is next-g. Personally if next-g isn't a big deal for you I'd get the v8, it's the same phone but with a new operating system based on linux which I think would be nicer to use and more customisable. But the linux based OS is didn't work with 3g/next-g last time I looked into it.

    Oh yeah, and it's a sexy phone... The K1 looks nice too, but massive screen on the v8/v9 is 3 kinds of awesome.
  12. With you there! I've had a Motorola before, the stupid ROKR iTunes one, and it was a POS. Kept freezing in the menu, so sent it back for repair, got it back and a week later the screen completely smashed after a little bump while it was in my pocket.

    Got the KRZR K1 a few months back and haven't been able to fault it either. I'd say probably the best phone I've had (maybe second behind my Nokia 3315 years ago - black and white!). Good 2MP camera for a phone, fantastic battery life for its size, very small and slim. Battery is awesome, charge it and it lasts about a week without even turning it off.

    I'm surprised with Motorola! I thought it would be crap after seeing the RZR V3 with a sh!t camera and no space for extra memory. Wonder if I can use the KRZR as a GPS with a bluetooth GPS?
  13. I have the KRZR V3 and love it to pieces. Brilliant phone. Better than the stupid Sony Ericcson rubbish that I had.

  14. Quite a bit of user feedback here (not from those who own products other than V9s who didn't understand your question).

    Part One


    Part Two (which started last week)


    See if you can pick which one is me...

    I can't comment on the phone's robustness, nor its reliability as I've only owned mine for about 3 hrs. But the software that it comes with is quite good, particularly if you want to sync Outlook data (phone contacts, emails, calendar entries, etc.).

    It also allows you to send and receive SMSes and MMSes on your computer if the phone's connected to it. Handy, I s'pose if you're working at the PC and someone's sending/receiving SMSes from/to you.

    As for the menus, a menu is a menu. If the layout is different to Nokia or Samsung phones, big deal. Just a matter of getting used to them. They're not rocket science.

    The main reason why I got it was that it does full Outlook sync which no other brand of phone that I looked at does. It is also a clamshell design which I prefer. Nice size screen too.

    As for reception, where I was at work tonight I was seeing full bars at times. My other phone, a Samsung was lucky to see one, maybe two bars. Ditto for a couple of other NextG phones that work mates have. So, in that regard I'm happy for now...
  15. If someone brought out a bike that swapped the brake and the clutch over and the throttle action was by squeezing you butt cheeks, would you say "just get used to it"?

    Half the functions on my motorola don't get used because they are just in dumb places and I use them so irregularly that I would have to pull out the manual every time I want to find them. You certainly can't find them just by browsing as you can other phones.

    and it worries my that some people find a phone sexy. :shock:
  16. That's a silly analogy and you know it.

    We're talking about a menu structure in a mobile phone, not something that's critical to your safety on the road.

    Anyone who has owned multiple brands of phones will accept that each one does it differently. It's just a matter of familiarisation. Like I said, it isn't rocket science. If people think that it is, then god help them when having to deal with more complex issues in their lives.
  17. Thanks people!!

    I'm with Three - and their range of phones is just CRAP at the moment..
    I think this is the way i will go - the bad comments are about the size of the camera and the menu function..

    If something is wrong with it - i'll just make them fix it.

    I plug in phones while sleeping - so the extra loud alarm may frighten the crap out of me - but will have to perhaps invest in an alarm clock.

    I'd go the Nokia N95 - 8GB - but i dont like the look of it -
    thanks again!
  18. :WStupid:
  19. Have a good look at the Nokia 6220 Classic. I was the same as you loved the functionaloty of the 95 but man butt ugly fat phone.
  20. Thanks Matti-san

    I'm restricted to the phones currently sold by 3network...
    They are a crappy bunch at the moment - but i gotta get one coz my phone now is freezing (i read it its last rights)...

    The 6220 is a tad 'boring'... I want something that is a bit cooler

    Hey - is buying a phone from Ebay ok?