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VIC Motorists spitting on, throwing cans at civilian speed camera operators

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by twistngo, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. ANGRY motorists are throwing beer cans, swerving at speed camera cars and spitting on civilian operators in Maroondah, Knox and the Yarra Ranges.

    Police say six operators have been attacked in the past month in Maroondah alone, and it is such a problem that the highway patrol has dedicated an officer to dealing with abuse.
    Maroondah leading Senior Constable Graeme Spurrell said "traumatised" operators had been pelted with beer cans, been spat at and had cars swerve towards them "almost close enough to take the mirror off" to intimidate them.
    Leading Sen-Constable Spurrell said speed camera operators were "just trying to earn a living just like anyone else".
    "If you have got a problem with speed cameras, take it to the Government," he said.
    Leading Sen-Constable Spurrell said the abuse had increased to an unacceptable level, with operators encouraged to lodge complaints with police and SERCO, the company that runs the camera program.
    SERCO spokesman Paul Shaw said it was an offence to threaten, abuse or intimidate a speed camera operator or to obstruct the operation of a camera.
    "This type of anti-social, violent and/or aggressive behaviour towards a camera operator is a serious criminal offence, which carries a penalty of over $8000," Mr Shaw said.


    I suppose they are just workers but they are still bastards.

  2. Being in a similar position of being hired to basically be evil, I can sympathise with the workers, but I do understand the desire to lash out at them as well. It's not like we haven't been complaining to the government about speed cameras for years without result, so people take it out on whoever they can.
  3. is it really anti-social? i mean... we could make an event out of it if being social would make it acceptable.

    "just trying to make a living like everybody else"... if that's justification for being left alone, what about drug dealers?

    also, theres a whole bunch of operating procedures for mobile cameras in different states, generally when i've taken the time to read them (ive done this in a couple of states) I've found the operators ignore them and set up cameras however they like to catch more people.... fcuk them.
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  4. If they have to have the highway patrol come in and rescue them then that adds a visible presence which will serve to slow down traffic and instantly have an effect rather than some letter in the mail a week after the event, this would serve to save lives as it is instant rather than raise revenue............. oh hang on, what's wrong with this scenario?

    You make your bed you lie in it, they went into this job knowing full well they will be loathed and despised.
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  5. they (camera operators) could have a think about themselves and accept what they are doing is morally and ethically repugnant.
    Speed camera operations in Victoria should have clear signage alerting vehicle operators of their presence as in other states....

    if your still stupid enough to be speeding after going past such a sign then you probably deserve the visit to the states' cash register...the fine you just got was not only for speeding but also for being a dopey inattentive prick.
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  6. F those cameras, put up bigger signs and further down the road. I guess the company wants to make as much profit for the government but slugging average joes, they have to at least expect some hostility............
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  7. ...pfft!!... ive been regularly swerved at and had ciggie buts chucked at me.....just for riding the R6!!.....
  8. You sir are retarded.... good work.
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  9. If I was a speed camera operator, I'll make a sign on the back of the car big enough to clearly state that this car is a mobile speed camera, slow the fcuk down...everyone will thank you for screwing up the system that is essentially putting dinner on the table.
  10. If I recall correctly, in Victoria:

    • The number of detected speeding cars via speed cameras was the equivalent of about 40% of the car fleet.
    • For motorcycles, it was 18%.
    You wouldn't know it from the PR and the continued push for FNP's.
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  11. Detected as opposed to fined?
  12. ...and another 18% not identified from the front??
  13. Victorians on the whole are uncouth bogans, its why we have a dog fence ;)
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  14. It takes a certain type of person to be able to do this job, thankfully I'm not that type.
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  15. Who's side are you on? Why make up speculation that looks bad for motorcyclists?
  16. Fined is less because of unresolvable plates etc etc

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  17. #17 Rainbow7, Feb 5, 2013
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2013
    Just like how scab workers are "just trying to earn a living", or how the guards in the Soviet Gulag were "Just trying to earn a living"?

    Indeed. It's like women who join the police or the military and then lodge bullshit stress claims, as if they didn't know they might get hit/shot at in either of those professions.
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  18. The fence doesn't work, but I agree.
  19. Much bigger margins in speed cameras than drugs. Speed cameras are like speed to the politicians.. All that cash covers up half their fcuk ups. And the other half pays for holidays and hookers.
    While I don't think the camera operators should be physically hurt, or even touched. A good black out with a spray can of their windows makes em pretty useless and gets the point across. There's a dozen kids in every suburb that would black em out for $10 or less. If that doesn't work we steal the wheels off every government vehicle
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  20. nah, steal the number plate off the camera car and then drive past it 100 times.. sounds like much more fun :)
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