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Motorists offered free screws

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TonyE, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. But they're only one-way screws... :LOL:

    and not what you evil lot are thinking either...
    :p .

    Motorists offered free screws
    THE New South Wales Government is spending $15,000 on one-way screws to prevent stolen number plates being used in petrol thefts from service stations.

    NSW Police Minister David Campbell said the number-plate screws would be distributed free to motorists...

  2. Isn't it always a one-way screw when the Governments involved.
  3. :LOL: Yep ... and we are always on the receiving end too :roll:
  4. now we're gonna get done from the front and behind :roll:
  5. This is the sort of thread title that I expected from Loz or pro-pilot.
  6. Come on... Loz yes. PP though - it doesn't have any conspiracy stuff in.

    How can you resist it when it appears in the H'un. Some poor subeditor probably got hauled over the coals for that headline - the least I could do was respect his efforts. :LOL:

    Besides - I was always rather fond of the Are You Being Served school of humour. :LOL:
  7. Well here it is, the payoff...

    We've endured years of paying registration, hike's in CTP premiums [justified by bullshit statistics and basic prejudice against riders] - but it's all coming back to us now!

    Stand-up fellow motorcyclists! And reap the rewards!

  8. But did they conduct an extensive environmental impact statement on what will happen with the all the screws people are using now? (Since thats usually the sort of BS they expect everyone else to go through).

  9. Don't be so cynical Ktulu,

    I'm certain there's people on this forum who have probably never had a free screw in their lives... :LOL: :p
  10. Reminds me of a heading in yesterday's Age...

    Angry puffer fish goes nuts
    A Cambodian teenager was recovering in hospital after a puffer fish attacked him in the groin, local media reported on Tuesday.

    That would be a pretty cool job coming up with those, seeing which ones you can get to slip through the net and get published :LOL:
  11. Let's leave PP out of this thread, ok? :LOL:
  12. Considering the lack of "The evil UN world government are coming to eat your babies" type threads recently, maybe he finally got one :LOL: .

    Shame he's not of legal age :grin: .
  13. Pardon the edit, but shouldn't that be:
    "The evil UN world government are coming to eat your babies if we all survive global warming...." :p
  14. There was a trial of these one way rego plate screws around my part of Melbourne and it's gradually being expanded to the rest of Melbourne.

    Keep an eye on your local newspapers for details when it gets done in your area. They usually block off a corner of a shopping centre car park and set up a drive through operation to fit the screws.
  15. I didn't realise it was so much of a problem that it was worth such a major campaign. Must be pretty wide spread.

    pvda - are you suggesting Steve Irwin died doing a crocodile? I think he was stung by a ray? :p just kidding :grin:
  16. so is there a way to actually remove then if you need to?? ie sell car, replacing damaged plates, deregistering, etc.

    or do you have to drill the darn things out...if this is the case what's to stopp enterprising plate theives from carying a rechargable B+D drill and the corrrent sized bit?
  17. Haven't seen these in the metal, but if they're anything like other tamper proof screws I've seen, you can't get a screwdriver on them, but they tap round with a hammer and punch quite nicely.

    When you've spent half a lifetime getting rounded off Phillips head fasteners out of corroded Japanese motorcycle engines, no thief proof screw yet invented presents a significant challenge :twisted: .

    Yes, they're likely to be drillable. As with any anti-theft device, all they'll do is make nicking plates fitted with them more time consuming and requiring a bit of forward planning. So the thief who'd have pinched your plate will go and pinch someone else's instead, which is the basic idea of improved security :wink: .
  18. wait...if i use these screws to stop maggots stealing my plates,how am i supposed to take them off and replace them with plates that i have stolen to do a runner after filling up at the servo??