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Motorist get 9 months for attacking motorcyclist

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by rc36, Jul 22, 2005.

  1. Nine months for running down bike
    July 22, 2005
    From: AAP
    A BRISBANE motorist has been jailed for nine months after he crashed into a motorcyclist he was chasing in a bout of road rage, fracturing the rider's skull.

    Rider Neil Bruce McKenzie, 56, spent a number of days in intensive care after being run down on his bike by 28-year-old carpenter Daniel Scott Edie in Alexandra Hills, north of Brisbane.
    Today in the Queensland District Court, Edie pleaded guilty to dangerous driving causing grievous bodily harm.

    Prosecutor David Finch told the court that on March 19 last year, Edie lost control of his vehicle while speeding around a corner and ran into Mr McKenzie on his bike.

    Witnesses told police that Edie had been pursuing the rider at high speeds and was attempting to take the corner at 80km/h.

    Mr Finch said Mr McKenzie was thrown over the roof of the car on impact, and landed on a nearby driveway.

    He suffered "life threatening" injuries, according to Mr Finch, including a fractured skull, severe lacerations and two black eyes.

    He still has problems with concentration and memory loss, the court was told.

    Mr Finch said a term of imprisonment was necessary because it was not a case of "momentary inattention".

    "It was a course of deliberate misconduct in following the motorbike at excessive speed," he said.

    Judge Brian Hoath sentenced Edie to two years' jail, suspended after nine months, with an operational period of three years.

    This from www.news.com.au
  2. what a fcukwit :evil:
  3. I hope this **** gets locked up with some serious 1%s who know what he did.
  4. That should be attempted murder or something i reckon :(

    What a cock bite
  5. :evil: ahh well at least he got jail time. i think there's a fair few judges out there who would let them off with community service :roll:
  6. hang the prick,i was in a hit n run in november and the guy got away
  7. nine months in jail VS lifetime of side effects from aquired brain injury.

    Flog got off easy really.

    If they are serious about road safety, then they should take the view that this twat has displayed he has none of the self control needed to operate a vehicle on public roads. Therefore banned for life. Catch him driving again, back to jail, "slam, watch your fingers" throw away key.

    Even if the bike rider had some hand in the original event that triggered the road rage, I reckon he's paid 10X over.

    But then again, allow him back on the road and there's a lot of possible fine revenue to be collected from him.

  8. I agree with you about the lifetime ban.

    You wonder who you're sharing the roads with sometimes - although at least we don't get many road rage incidents involving handguns, unlike the USians.
  9. Didnt see this yesterday , a very disappointing outcome to say the least :(
  10. Another thought ( :shock: )

    Years ago when I lived in Albury the wife and I were walking down Dean st (main shopping drag) and crossing a road (pedestrian lights were green) when a tintop turned right from behind us on Dean street into the road we were walking across, straight in front of us, if we didn't stop the turd would have run us over, didn't even look!!
    (I always position myself "street side" of the family when walking, so I managed to hold the wife back)
    As the turd passed my knee actually contacted the back quarter panel of his pride and joy, not deliberate, but made a big enough thump.

    The prick flew into a rage :eek: was gunna "rip my f@cking head off" for touching his car!!! WTF!!!! This prick nearly runs the wife over and he's upset that I didnt jump out of the way!!!!

    It was all that the wife and a couple of other pedestrians could do to stop me commiting "driver-cide"

    Why? Why do some people get so psycopathic when in control (?) of a vehicle. It really is like they need a sign "CAUTION, turning the engine on will result in the Brain being switched OFF"

    It's just a lump of metal and plastic FFS.
  11. not siding with these c*%^ monkeys ( theres been times when other drivers actually tried to run me off the road) but think about it, your stuck in the city for an hour trying to get to the other side only to be cut off and abused by other drivers, i spent 45 mins getting from spencer street to st kilda rd yesterday and there were times i really wanted to cause some damage.

    i've also noticed that it's mainly only drivers that get stressed out so much; when driving in peak hour traffic i see drivers get p!$$ed off and abusive towards others but then i look at the rider next to me and i see him/her dancing away.
  12. Re: Social mechanisms

    i agree, you can't rehabilitate someone with angry problems by throwing them into an angry and streesful environment
  13. It is perplexing to say the least....yeserday at physio I got talking to another recovering rider and got a similar range of views both from me and him....
    He was in QLD and was hit whilst doing 10kmh turning into a driveway...the cock that hit him was doing a u-turn and didnt look...now, this guys leg was totally smashed and as a result has had many operations and has to undergo some more....because this accident happened in QLD, the shitfight over who pays is only adding to this guys aggrevation...the RACQ (insurer of the driver) is paying bugger all and is arguing with the TAC over who should pay for therapy and opps....and added to that is the fact that in the 18 months since the accident he hasnt earnt any wages at all.....
    The dick in the car only got a $200 or so fine and a couple points deducted from his licence because it was classed as dangerous driving...

    So, the victim will live with the trauma, the disability (bung leg) and expenses to pay for rehab for life...where is the justice??
  14. And where is the justice in that??
    People are taking less responsibility for their actions......

  15. I think I met this wife and daughter on Thursday and Friday night respectively.

    His wife was in a huge Mercedes in the left lane going up the southern outlet towards Kingston, I was in the right lane, keeping an eye on an L-cruiser in the mirror and trying to maintain a safety zone in front, right lane traffic is going faster than the left. I saw this behemoth of German engineering pride, then saw the mutton dressed as lamb in the front seat... "OH SH1T! It's a dyed blonde A list socialite" I'm in the pooh now. Couldnt brake hard cos of the L-cruiser, couldn't accelerate cos the Merc is heading for the same place (by crikey that thing could accelerate for a big car)

    I just blasted the horn that I recently liberated from the wifes car and "prepared for impact".. Luckily she wasn't deaf and yanked the merc back into it's proper lane. (love the loud horn) Lucky they make Draggin Jeans out of easily washable Kevlar eh.

    Next night, heading along the 4 lanes of Davey St, in the second lane from the right, I met his daughter, driving one of those Beemer 4WD's (X5??) She wanted desperately to get across all 4 lanes into the left lane, I guess to head down to Sanfdy Bay (Hobart version of Toorak).

    Again the safety zone I gave myself was obviously an invitation for her to merge left without indicating, not so much merge as a violent swerve, again, no room behind as tailgating tintops are there, left lane blocked... OFARC! I scream and again hope like f@rk she's not deaf....
    Yeah... she swerves back to the right and proceeds to verbally abuse me as I drive past. I must apologise to her time we meet.........

    If either those two had hit me, I doubt they would have received more than a slap on the wrist.


  16. Absolutely spot on Brokey.

    And society is accelerating that trend, by constantly applying legislation to any perceived problem, instead of working thru and fixing the problem.

    We're at the stage where some people are saying "yeah, I know it isn't the right thing to do, but there's no law against it, so tough luck noddy"

    Add to that the basic tenet that money speaks, perpetuated by a long line of economist trained politicians that believe nothing is important as a good bottom line on the balance sheet and we're heading down the gurgler at a scary rate of knots

    As an aside, lawyers and economists, together with their "political sciences" trained ex staffers make up 89% of elected politicians, these same "professions" make up 6% of the Aus total workforce.
    Does that mean 94% of working Aussies & their families are represented by 11% of pollies who might actually understand there needs? And 6% of Aussie workers and families are represented by 94% of pollies.

    It's a long bow to draw, but does help explain some of the stupidity that comes out of the various Parliaments around Aus

    Anyways Brokey, how ya goin? making steady progress I hope.

  17. for the criminal act of IDIOCY...

    I hereby sentence you to death by dirtbikes
  18. What annoys you most ......

    ....... about these sorts of situations, is the smarmy shrug of the shoulders and the "oh well, no harm done, I don't really care anyway" attitude of the guilty. We have become such an insular and selfish society that people's attitude is "if it's not actually illegal, then put up or shut up, even if I endanger your life and property". I mean, how many of us (not myself, thank God) have been hit or run off the road and had the car in the incident just keep driving?? Orcus has over $1,000 worth of damage to his lovely 600 from some moron who trowelled him up and kept driving!!!!
    I believe a lot of the problem is the huge (undocumeted) number of unlicenced uninsured or disqualified drivers on the road, who can't afford to stop or they will be in even bigger trouble, or who know that the law has already done its worst to them so they don't care.
    And, while you're about it, ask yourself how many $100,000 car do you see with the driver talking on a mobile. EQUATION: Car, $100,000. Car Kit for phone; maximum $300. Go Figure!!!
  19. :applause:

    Clearly the drivers intention was to kill the motorcyclist. If you only want to hurt someone, you don't mow them down with a car ](*,)
    Why wouldn't the prosecution go for at least 10 years? This sociopath fcukwit has no right to be set loose on society.
  20. And the number of those who are licenced yet incapable of driving??? The driving test to get your licence should be a test and not a grab for money...

    Getting there...physio, hydro and PE...getting a screw taken out of my foot soon so should be able to start building the leg back up soon as well as put more weight on it...