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Motorist attacked in Hume Highway drama

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by evelknievel75, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/motorist-attacked-in-hume-highway-drama-20100323-qt9q.html

    i've heard the old story about 3 cars on a freeway ( usually in QLD ) slowing right down. traffic behind can't go anywhere. cars ahead ensure no one there. after 10 minutes of this they all drag race on at high speeds.

    reading this story though shocked me and made me think of something out of mad max 2....jesus, 60 bikes and multiple cars....with NSW plates ( bloody NSW'ers...)
  2. Seriously though, who decides overtaking 60+ Comancheros in the emergency lane is a good idea...???
  3. Good point.

    He may have followed for a long time and got annoyed though..

  4. I think there maybe more to the story.

    I have passed a group of bikies before in my car and touch wood nothing has happened so far.
    But i didnt do it in an overly aggressive manner simply indicate moved into the far right lane and overtook in about 10-15 seconds without being too fast, i think this gentlemen might have overtaken in a more agressive manner.
  5. Where did the article say they were omg's?
    Also, assuming they were on harleys how did they force him to stop?

  6. if they take up the whole freeway and ILLEGALLY do not keep in the left lane for slower moving traffic and the police do not book them for it - why should a person be stuck behind a bunch of them
  7. Why did he pass in the left hand emergency lane?

    Edit: Interesting story about my Mum. She drives a Saab 95, is in her 50's and is bound to crutches at the moment. She also went to see Jimmy Barnes when he played in Melbourne recently. As she was leaving, she accidentally got caught in a lane she wasn't meant to be in on the left of everybody. She had been indicating right for some time, but one particular car was refusing to let her merge.

    Within a few minutes a group of harleys descended on her. She cringed thinking, 'Oh no... they're mad at me for being in the wrong lane.'

    She couldn't have been more wrong... they were pissed because the other car was being arrogant. They surrounded Mum, a few pulled in front of the selfish twat, and they helped Mum merge in. When the selfish twat decided to get angry, they kicked the shit out of their car.

    Now... Mum is extremely conservative and wouldn't normally condone this type of behaviour, but she was suitably impressed by their uncommon code of ethics and now has a different view.

  8. because the other lane/s were blocked and there is no right hand emergency lane
  9. I agree that there is probably more to this story than has been reported; I can't believe that the Police are asking for assistance; how hard could it be to pass on at least one number plate identification?
  10. I suppose if the driver felt safe enough to overtake in the emergency lane, he hadn't had cause to not down rego's. Then as the frenzied attack took place he would have been more concerned on living than looking for rego's. He may have got a view of some faces but the shear terror may have negated the value of that. Possibly.
  11. a person SHOULDN'T be stuck behind them but when it's the Comancheros one must take stock of the risk
  12. They seem very tough in large groups dont they
  13. like all bullies
  14. I just love awesome press that generalises motorcycle riders as all round bad guys.
  15. Who's to say he didnt cut off the leaders of the group when he got past them,
    Frustrated motorist takes out his anger on the leaders of the group for going slow.
  16. No one said he didnt, but if he did you would expect the guys on the bikes to go after him, not the people in the cars who were at the back it seems

  17. So as long as someone else is breaking the law you can take the law into your own hands? The overtaking rule is not really being broken anyway if they are overtaking each other. If they were all sitting in the right lane that would be illegal but if the left lanes were full then that is not illegal.

    I can understand the frustration if it happened. Though I actually doubt that it happened exactly like it is reported. There are three sides to every story, the two people that were involved plus what really happened. He is not really going to say "they were blocking my way for 20 seconds whilst overtaking each other so I knocked one off their bikes but then couldnt get away as the bike was under the car".

    BTW who says that they were Comancheros. All the article says is that there was a Comanchero meeting on the same day not that they even suspected the gang.
  18. If it was the Comancheros, then they travel with there own “support vehicles” (A Couple of H3s). So the cars involved could have been cars traveling with the bikes (If it were a similar group)
    The Comancheros were playing on the Western Ring Road later that afternoon, at a not entirely impossible time after that incident. And they had a Copper Chopper watching over them.
    I was quite surprised at the number of Boulevards traveling with them, Obviously you don’t need American Iron to join the Comancheros.
  19. I don't know about you guys but I've been blown off the road by V8 Holden Utes driven by young tradie blokes so many times I've lost count. If he'd gone screaming past a large group of riders (BTW if it was the Comancheros there were 200+ in their party and they certainly wouldn't risk the negative publicity) in the emergency lane I would totally understand their response. Fines, impounding and other legislation handed out don't seem to be anything more than a badge of honour to these twits who couldn't care less about other road users (reference their latest antics in Oakleigh of not getting their Easternats fest).

    Maybe, just maybe, he'll think a bit harder about how other road users consider his attitude on the road and in the long term this group's actions may make a difference. Not condoning vigilantism, but is this the where the community is headed considering?

    BTW - another dig at Ute drivers - I picked up a hammer from the middle of Maroondah hwy last night. Added it to my collection of OFF UTE tools, screwdriver (found embedded in my tire), pliers, nail gun, bricks, screws, shotgun cartridges (one live). Secure your F#$%king LOADS!