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Motorised Bikes

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Sooty, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. Heaps of teens around my area ride them - some go pretty quick.

    I think you can buy a kit for about $70.
  2. I want a motorized bike to. oh wait
  3. He hasnt got his knee down
  4. I nearly bought one a couple of years ago. The issue is legally they are only allowed 3hp motor max (or something like that), which limits the max speed to 25/30 kph. You can buy bigger motors from o/s which would probably get them along pretty nicely. No-one I spoke to in Aus was willing to sell a bigger motor than allowed by law.
  5. SQUID!!!!!!!!1!!!1!!!!
  6. I have one, and yes it's fun, but totally illegal.
    Mine's 70cc and tops out around 65 kays on the flat.

  7. :-O

    want. I was looking at 70cc motors as I have an old GT Tempest MTB doing nothing.
  8. reminds me of a sh*tmoto
  9. can you switch off the gearing for the motor ?... as in so when you go to pedal, you aren't needing to also drive the motor ? (assuming the ride has no gears)