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Motoring trivia questions

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by kelzdayt, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. Hello fellow riders,

    I'm running a Motoring Trivia Quiz (bikes are included) and I need questions (and answers!) to ask.

    Does anyone have any good trivia questions (and answers) they could suggest.

    True facts please! All suggestions most welcome.


    Kellie :grin:
  2. "Firsts" are always good trivia like:
    First succesful mass-produced FWD car - Citroen Traction Avant (though a lot of people would assume it's the Mini)
    First production Mid-engined car - Lamborghini Muira (again a lot of people usually think Ferrari were first)
    First turbodiesel passenger car - Mercedes Benz 300SD
    FIAT was also the first manufacturer to use DOHC engines on their entire model range in the 1960s

    As for bike related trivia:
    NSU was the largest motorcycle manufacturer between 1955 and 1970 (Honda now has that title).
    Indian were the first manufacturer to use a twistgrip throttle on a bike in 1904.
  3. what about early series valiants having left and right handed wheel nuts.

    or the reason for the P76 boot shape

    or whats the same on the P76 and the latest commodore (single stamped rear quarters)

    or what was the name of donald campbells land and water speed record vehicals.

    which vehical set the first supersonic land-speed record (Thrust SSC)

    what does GTHO stand for on the XY ford falcon
  4. Sensational questions guys - thanks.

    Hey Woodsy - is GTHO Handling Options?
    Some of the questions I have so far - let me know if you know the answers... (without looking them up!)

    Chrysler products are often known as MOPAR. What acronyn does MOPAR stand for?

    What is the year that the Model T ford was produced?

    What car won the Wheels COTY in 2005?

    Thanks again for your help.... great questions!
  5. Mopar comes from the words Motor Parts. Mopar is what Chrysler Corporation referred to as their Parts Department.

    Yes GTHO Grand Touring Handling Option (Australian Ford Falcon)
  6. Well done Woodsy! Thanks again
  7. name any 3 of the 60's era 'pony' cars. Ford Mustang, Plymouth Barracuda, Chevrolet Camaro, Pontiac Firebird, Mercury Cougar, AMC Javelin and Dodge Challenger
  8. Interestingly, Ford US used HO to signify High Output, in reference to the engines.
    WHat does the 40 stand for in Ford's GT 40 car name? (it's height, 40 inches off the ground to top of roof)
    Did you know Mr Lamborghini used to make tractors, and decided to build sports cars after buying a Ferrari and being disappointed by it? The Miura was the ultimate answer for this, they built a very succesful front engine car that the P 400 (Miura) took it's engine from.
    Mr Lamborghini was a real upstart and used a young designer who was unheard of at the time, Pinnanfarina, who is now world renowned, and went on to restyle the Jaguar XJ series, and to design what has been hailed as the most beautiful saloon ever made, the Series 3 Jaguar XJ.
    Did you know you could walk onto a Chrysler US showroom and order a 500hp race engine in a car in 1968 as a $500 extra option? You could also special order the car without back seats and window winders for racing, and get aluminium front body work, right at the dealer's.
    That's all I can think of off the top of my head.

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. you didn't mention when the deadline is.

    did you know that the vw bug and vw combie is the exact same length?

    you could ask, which two cars are the same length and give 3 couples to chose from.

    anthony gobert drives a porshe [i dont know if he still has it, twas six year ago.]

    q;what mode o transport did mick doghan pull a part off to make his hand held rear brake after his injury?
    a; a jet ski.

    Q;how much money did it cost casy stoners family, (originally) to get him in the GP?
    A; 40.000.00
  10. When was the disc brake for a motor car first patented?
    1902 in Birmingham by Lanchester

    The First English Car with Automatic Transmission
    Hillman Ratio - 1949

    First electric-petrol hybrid
    1899 Lohner-Porsche Mixte
    fascinating car - it used a constant speed petrol engine with a bank of accumulators which drove an electric motor in each front wheel hub.
    No shaft drive, transmission or clutch needed. (about 300 were built) And yes, Porsche produced a racing version too :LOL:

    First "in car" airconditioning
    1938 Studebaker Commander

    What year was the first British motor-vehicle exhibition?

    In what year did the British Parliament pass the Motor Car Act, which raised the speed limit from 12 to 20mph, introduced driving licences and established the registration and numbering of cars?

    Which company introduced the first "hatchback"?
    Aston Martin (1953 DB2/4)

  11. Which make and model of car has a different wheelbase on the left and right sides?

    (Renault 16)
  12. what innovations did Preston Tucker include on his car that was never sold?

    answer; disk brakes & fuel injection.
  13. Well???

    Go on, explain why :LOL:
  14. Overlapping torsion arms on the rear suspension :p :p
    It's about three inches longer on the left side. :LOL:

    (I used to have a boss who was a Renault fanatic with a 17TS ) :wink:
  15. Thanks Tony! :grin:
  16. Perzactly, who but the French would do such a thing???

    Not to mention the "Not-so-H" pattern column shift on the early model 404s :grin:
  17. Ah... but who also introduced radials and disc brakes and lights that turned with the steering and hydraulic suspension so you could drive around town with one wheel missing (as a load of us did in my younger days thoroughly enjoying the reaction :LOL: :LOL: )
  18. ah the famous Goddess, decades ahead of its time in 1955......
  19. Thanks for the questions and answers. Great variety. I've got a couple of weeks to put these all together, so if you can think of any other's they'll be most welcome. :)
  20. dont forget to post the full list up or at least make it available to us by PM.

    now what about a netrider trivia nite?