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MotoriItaliani - June 14/15th

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, May 20, 2008.

  1. For those who like all things Italian, here are some pics from today.

    Ducs . .


    Fezzas and Mazzas



  2. Lancias




    . . . and many more

    And if you decide to go and see more Ferraris, try not to make your eyes wonder ! :grin: . . . believe me, they will knock you out ! :LOL:


    I can see a nice Ferrari 328, dunno what you guys are looking at !
  3. Looks like the NSW Laverda clubs el presidente SFC,better say hi tomorrow.
  4. No way will I pay to be advertised to; if they want to invite me along as a potential customer they should be paying me!

    At least that's my view on boat / cars / bike shows; maybe this one's a little different - not so much a sales show but more of a 'museum' type show. Is that so?
  5. yes !

    Made up of mostly enthusiasts and car clubs with rare and unique bikes/cars ! Even the new Fiat and Alfa stands did not have salesmen.

    Only Frasers are there doing the sales thing.
    StoneyCreeks samples of Guzzis and Aprilias was disappointing.

    I tell you what, the new Monster 696 is nice ! Looks better in real life.


    . . . someone has an idea ! ;)
  6. Get the Ferrari micky. Ask for it as a bonus for making theLondon Olympics, "the best ever".
  7. Fair enough then.

    That color's all wrong .... plus I would wait till the Sr4 model comes out.
  8. @#$%&*!!!! How did I miss this thread?

    If I'd known, I would have made this one of my Sydney weekends.

    Bugger! :(
  9. It's because Mickyb likes to keep this stuff to himself, until the event is done and dusted. He doesn't want you lot raining on his parade.
  10. Nice !

    There was a spankers Ferrari, only a year or two old.. had to follow it for a few kms and enjoy the 12 cyl orchestra... then I split past it due to the hardcore traffic :wink:

  11. Pffft ! I gave everyone a heads up on the 20th of May. ! :?

    They had wine tasting there, sad to say the MVRog Estate Pinot doesn't stack up !
  12. No photos of the Miura?

    Regards, Andrew

  13. Does signior approve ? :grin:

  14. It doesn't stack up against that ferrari, but it would have saved Burke and Wills.
  15. unreliable fcuking wino soccer-fag italians/mutter
  16. Yeah, first mid engined road car, pfft! :p

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. I see you still have an eye for the finer things in life Mickey :grin:

  18. Did you get pics of any black Ferrari 360 modenas?
  19. yeah, but Modenas are so yesterday !!

    But speaking of yesteryear beauties . . . here are a sample . .

    Alfa Romeo Montreal . . . hmmmm

    DeTomaso Longchamp . . . . phat !!

    And who can ignore a Countach !!