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Motorhead Tour

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by PatB, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. Anyone in WA going to see Motorhead in October?

  2. I'm in Vic and would like to go to the one here but $120????

    Even with Rose Tattoo supporting it's just too much coin.
  3. Yeah, it's seriously expensive but, with Lemmy turning 62 this year, it's quite possibly the last chance to see 'em on this side of the world.

    And, believe me, they're worth it. An authentic, no bullshit, bare bones rock band with an unmatched pedigree going back decades. There ain't no substitute.
  4. Good ol' Lemmy, the ugliest man in rock ;) I *almost* paid $$ to see motley crue just to see motorhead (as they were a support act... WEIRD.. very different ends of "the metal spectrum")

  5. I did.

    So did a lot of other people judging by the fact that half the crowd buggered off before Motley Crue started.

    Looks like the organisers noticed.

    +1 on the mismatch. Sorta like a matt black, methanol burning Weslake powered drag bike vs a fully blinged up Honda Valkyrie.
  6. Talking about long term (metal) music/bands, I'm seeing Napalm Death Thursday night :grin: "Unquestionably the most influential band in extreme music’s ferocious history.†along with the great aussie band Blood Duster :) Blood Duster is a deathgrind/grindrock/sludge metal/stoner rock band from Melbourne, Australia, known for their combination of seemingly unrelated styles of metal and rock and their perverse humour.

    Should be a GREAT night! I've listened to (loved :grin: ) since the 80s for Napalm Death and early 90s for Blood Duster... It's great how Australia has been having a re-growth of Big old skool bands/musicians who have been around for 10,20+ years either returning or having their first tours of here... Bring it on! (and even more bands should come down here :) ) :grin:

    It really brings back awesome memories of my teenage years \m/
  7. I remember an English documentary entitled the "Black Leather Jacket" and it featured Motorheads' "Built for speed". Geee I loved that.
    I'm not sure which album it was from, but I sure wouldn't mind getting a hold of that track... :grin:
  8. Built for Speed was off Orgasmatron, and there was a Live version on No Sleep at All. It might have turned up on an EP as well.

    Shouldn't be too hard to track down.
  9. Cool.
    Thanks. PatB. :grin: