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Motoreyes Digital Pro Tyre Pressure Gauge

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by lui, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. For years I've been checking tyre pressure at servos but have always wondered the accuracy of various air pressure gauges, more importantly, by the time I got to a servo the tyres have already warmed up, that means can't take cold air readings.

    So I decided to get my own tyre pressure gauge, after some googling and ebay searches the Motoreyes pressure gauge turned up, it's also branded under "Griot's Garage" and "slime" in the US, here's a webBikeWorld review of it: http://www.webbikeworld.com/Motorcycle-tires/compact-tire-pressure-gauge.htm

    The gauge is available locally for $29.95 (it's only US$20 in the States, not a big deal in this case), I got mine from MCAS: http://www.mcas.com.au/_product.php?section=1&prodid=9535. It's also available on ebay and other retail shops.

    The gauge features:

    - Integrated extension hose (wraps around the body, very neat)
    - Dual head Y valve (they call it J-shaped valve, basically means 2 measuring angles)
    - Schrader valve (aka car valve, not suitable for push bike with presta valve)
    - LCD display with back light (light can be turned on or off, but quite weak, not the EL type)
    - Multiple measuring units (PSI, kPa, Bar, kg/cm²)
    - Up to 160 PSI range (plenty for motorcycle or car tyres)
    - ± 2% accuracy (means ± 0.8 PSI when measuring 40 PSI)
    - Bleed button with dynamic display mode (or can be set to static display, means only show final figure)
    - 4 memory settings with correct and over pressure alerts
    - Displays last reading (can also set to auto clear last reading)
    - Rubberised feel and seems well made (like any other instruments, best to look after it)
    - 2-year warranty (may indicate it's a quality product)
    - Auto power off
    - Uses 1 x CR2032 battery

    It's quite a list for a tyre pressure gauge. It only has 2 buttons to navigate through all the functions, so at first I was concerned about it may be difficult to use but it's quite the opposite. Basically you only set it up once, subsequent uses just press either button to power on and away you go.

    First time using the gauge I was surprised to learn that the tyres were nearly 5 PSI under the recommended pressure, I don't have an air compressor, but luckily I have a foot pump, specifically this one: http://www.rittco.com.au/product.php?prod=5000&cat=4, got it for ~$20 from Kmart a couple of years ago.

    After a brief workout on the foot pump, the tyres were well above the recommended pressure, the Motoreyes readings were consistent with the dial gauge on the pump so that's a good sign. Then it was just a matter of pressing the bleed button to get to the desired level.

    It's nice to be able to regularly and conveniently checking tyre pressure with reasonable accuracy. I hope it will live up to the expectations and continue to work reliably for the years to come.
  2. I bought one from MotorActive and found them satisfactory. They don't charge anything for postage, so the entire cost is $29.95, rather than the $37.95 MCAS are asking.
  3. I've had mine for years...Used to work for the distributor :D
    Works a treat with the short hose, especially when the valve is an awkward spot.
  4. Looks good, I haven't checked the pressure on mine yet so I'll order one of these. Are you supposed to measure it with weight on or off the tyres? (eg. centre stand or side stand)
  5. Doesn't really matter (weight would be on your front anyway, with or without centrestand), but check your manual if you want to be absolutely 100% certain :).
  6. Ordered one of these a few days ago and just got it now. Has an extension hose for ease of use. Seems accurate and will make a habit of checking psi of vehicles I own.