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Motorcylist killed trying to overtake

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by duncanp, May 22, 2006.

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  2. so sad. RIP..
  3. Sh!t, my condolences to the family, and those affected by the tragedy.

    I went past shortly after the accident, by that time the 3 x cops car and 2 x ambulances had cleaned up, but had not cleared the site. I just did not realise how bad it was.

    The cops and ambos seemed to be taking it easy, so I did not give it much thought, but it certainly explains the look on a fellow motorcyclists face, parked just the otherside of the ambo's.

    Keep the shiny side up people.
  4. Sad news, condolences to the family and friends and to the people that were there.

    I always take that as a bad sign.
  5. very sad news
    condolence to the family
  6. R.I.P

    Please ride safely guys.

  7. Sad news - condolences to the family and others effected - stay upright
  8. Went past this fairly late as well.

    There was also a bad accident on the putty. Bike was split in half. Rider was airlifted out while we were at the halfway house.
  9. Just remember, there is no NEED to overtake, if it looks dodgey, don't do it.
    Too many people dying on bikes..........

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. sad.........RIP dude......Condolances to his family and friends.

    I have to say when I saw the heading it brought back an incident that happened on the Canungra/Nerang Rd, Friday afternoon, when a moron on a bike pulled out to overtake a car with not more than 10feet to spare between him and our car, with us having to run off the road to aviod him. There were 3 children in the car and my youngest had a flip out cause he thought we were going to collide. Next time you might not be so lucky.

    Sorry for the vent in here
  11. Take it easy out there guys.

    The same basic rule applies to overtaking:

    If in doubt, don't (overtake)!!!
  12. It was an Oroadsports member, and a Sydney Knights rider, d3cimal, otherwise known as Anthony who passed away in this accident. Some of you here might have know him.

    Funeral is at St Charles Chapel, Ryde 10:30 am this Thursday. His family would like as many to attend as possible.

    His Dad is a rider himself.

    Very sad news.
  13. That nearly happened two weeks ago. I was overtaking a car, and I
    must have hit a bit of oil or something (it was dark, the road was slightly
    wet and near an intersection -- a normal recipe for a slip). I opened it
    half up and the ar*e end just wiped out with no notice at 120km/h...
    it hung out a good 30 degrees I reckon. I felt like I was going to high
    side. It fish tailed and dampened.

    It happens occasionally in winter, but that one was particularly nasty.
    I would hate to have to contend with an on-coming car as well.

    I must have scared the cr** out of the driver I was overtaking !
  14. yep, RIP from another oroadsports member. come to the funeral if you can guys, family has invited us.
  15. cool, got any other good stories about yourself while we're in this appropriate thread? :popcorn:

    my thoughts are with his family.
  16. I am without words, and feel much sympathy for his family...R.I.P. mate, may you be at Peace.

    About the overtaking thing - I have only ever done it once in my car and once in my mums. I only overtake more often on a double lane or wider highway when we're all going in the same direction.

    Screw overtaking into oncoming traffic, that's not needed. Wouldn't even contemplate it on a bike.

    that was a bit off topic. but yes, overtaking is dangerous.
  17. I saw three or four stupid overtaking manoeuvres on Macquarie pass on Saturday, all unnecessary and all potentially dangerous.....

    gran used to say "When in doubt, don't"