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Motorcylist dies doing 'wheelie' (Changed)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by shabby, Feb 15, 2006.

  1. Motorcylist dies doing 'wheelie'

    February 15, 2006

    A 22-YEAR-OLD P-plater died when he lost control of his motorbike while doing a wheelie in Sydney's west.

    The Toongabbie man lost control of his bike about 8.15pm (AEDT) yesterday on Old Windsor Road at Seven Hills, police said.

    He was thrown from the motorbike when it hit the kerb and a guard rail.

    Ambulance officers were unable to revive the man.

    A report is being prepared for the coroner.

  2. where i been in hospital having surgery and more drugs! lots more drugs!
  3. Years ago I knew a bloke who wheelied his Z900 down Plenty Road Preston one night. Lost control, right through a huge shopfront window. Not a nice way to go. News channels had a ball with that one.
  4. Yeah well z900 is not the best bike to do wheelies on heavy and hardd to control when it gets a bit out of hand .I gave them up a while ago :grin:
  5. Totally agree, was co-owner of a Z1 for 16 years, and cant even imagine tring to lift that front wheel. Nice to have a kickstart though.
  6. They seemed to wheelie pretty well in that Stone flick...
  7. Havent watched Stone for yonks " spanners off me moll!!" Did they wheelie on Z1R's or Z1/Z9's?? The Z1R was a "sportier" version wasnt it . For any newbs that havent had much to do with Zedleys, our Z1000 77 mod, had a kickstart! So if the battery was down, voila you could kick it in the guts. I would like to run a poll, how many netriders have kickstarted a bike? Newbies will never need to know how to do it. Lucky them :)
  8. I kickstart a bike every day!

    I prefer to refer to it as the "anti-theft device" rather than the "kickstarter".

  9. I used to kick start the old Yammie DT125 unlike the push button start of the new trailies a la the Honda SL230. Must admit though, I've never had to turn a large bike over using the kickstart, ie one that breaks your leg...:LOL:

  10. I feel bad cos I smiled :-(

    Shame though
  11. meh i could think of worse ways to go than while doing something i love

  12. people are forever telling me motorbikes are dangerous... I agree with them, telling them its people who do things like this (are usually the ones who) get hurt.

    Hey, mono's, stoppies, etc... f*k#ng awesome... in safe (controlled) enviroment!
  13. Yamaha RD-250/350. No electric, kick only
    Yamaha XS-650. Kick and electric, but I often kicked it on cold mornings to save the battery.

    I must say, however, that if a bike wasn't going to start on the button, it probably wasn't going to start on the boot either :LOL:
  14. I used to kickstart bikes back when I first started riding in my teens. Stopped for too long, came back and most probably will never see a kickstarter again?
  15. i kick my bike before it starts sometimes...

    usually only hurts my foot though as opposed to having anything to do with starting the bike.
  16. i kick started my 50cc scooter a few times does that count :grin:

    *..50cc's.. shudder*
  17. and in africia , someone dies every 18 second from starvation but no one gives a shit bout that , but they are quite willing to sensationalise riders deaths
  18. Oh yeah z900 does do wheelies :grin: but they generally come down a bit harder that modern bikes :shock:
  19. Did they use them in WW2?
  20. Graeme Crosby, anyone??? The undisputed king of Z wheelies!!!