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Motorcyclists Wanted for a research study. $70 reward

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Oct 20, 2009.

    to participate in:

    On-road ride:
    A one-on-one 30 minute supervised on-road ride with a Honda Australia Rider Training (HART) instructor who will observe your riding and provide feedback

    Simulator ride:
    A 30 minute ride on HART’s portable simulator

    On-range ride:
    A one-on-one 20 minute on-range ride with a HART instructor who will observe your basic riding skills and provide feedback

    To be eligible to participate you must:

    • Hold a current motorcycle learner permit or licence
    • Have ridden at least 500 kms on-road covering 12 rides in the past year
    • Attend the HART facility in Somerton
    • Wear appropriate protective clothing
    • Have own registered & roadworthy motorcycle for the on-road ride (an ABS-400 motorcycle will be provided for the on-range ride)

    Participants will be reimbursed $70 for their time, travel costs and use of own motorcycle for the on-road ride

    Please contact HART on (03) 9270 1377 for more information or to register your participation.

    Project: Investigation of differences between new, experienced, and returning riders
    SCERH number: CF09/1646 – 2009000896

  2. Wow, this would be worth doing just for the Feedback to you from the instructor after the road ride.

    I'm Interested in it just for that.
  3. Damn stupid non ready to ride leg
    Would have been great to participate in this but not able to ride for another month or 2 yet!
  4. If it were in my area, and i was being paid to get tips and training from a professional instructor i'd be jumping at the chance
  5. I'm in, time depending. Did they say the date, or will we need to ring?
  6. +1, please come to Sydney!
  7. Damn being a whole two states away...

    I am keen as a bean for that!
  8. specifically...
    either on L's or full motorcycle licence for at least 5 years.
  9. My thoughts exactly, any time to get feedback from more experienced riders than myself is time worth spent
  10. I justs tried to get on board but I'm still on my restricted licence. Pity as I would have done this for free.
  11. Only a few dates left (weekdays) and the young girl on reception had little idea of the criteria.
    Pity I would have done it.
  12. MUARC's involved.......

    what's the ulterior motive and or how are the statistics going to be contorted and manipulated to prove whatever point that these lying pieces of MUARC sheite are trying to push, and, what ultimately are these "outcomes" going to be used for, against motorcyclists.

    Trust MUARC.....not f#ckin likely
    just my 2 cents.
  13. I’m in, sound like a little fun.

    God knows we need more papers on why we need more speed cameras to save lives.
  14. Bugger, +1 on that, just rang up, 3 months short of elegibility!
  15. I would do it, but I don't want to give MUARC the satisfaction of video evidence. :cheeky:
  16. They're probably hoping to do the TAC ad with real footage...
  17. I lol'ed. This could be fun.
  18. I rang and it seems like they want either new riders or new returned riders. Also they wanted people who hadn't done any additional training.

    There were quite a few restrictions and I switched off a bit once I found I wasn't elibgble.

    But sounds like they are looking for noobs. Who knows what they are trying to test for???
  19. Well if it's the muarc involved then they will recommend speed cameras as a solution to rider training.