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Motorcyclists urged to stay safe (herald Sun 15-10-04)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by vic, Oct 15, 2004.

  1. Motorcyclists urged to stay safe


    VICTORIA Police will target motorcyclists making their way to Phillip Island for the motorcycle grand prix this weekend.

    Victoria Police has issued the warning following the deaths of two motorcyclists in separate accidents on the state's roads this week.
    So far this year, 32 motorcyclists have lost their lives on Victorian roads.

    Superintendent Bill De Bruyn said police would maintain a visible presence on the Bass Highway and at Phillip Island throughout the weekend.

    "There are no pit stops, no chequered flags and no second starts on our roads," Superintendent De Bruyn said.

    "The aim is to keep the speed on the race track and off the streets."

    He said there were simple things motorcyclists could do to help prevent a fatal collision.

    "I urge people travelling to and from the track to be patient and observe road signs and traffic police."

    Motorcyclists are advised to plan their rides to include allocated rest stops and to make sure they are wearing proper safety clothing.

    "A traffic plan has been implemented to ensure access to and from the (grand prix) track will be as smooth and delay free as possible."

  2. Hate to say it but I saw more than one crash on the way down to the Island on Sunday (around midday) :(

    And what about the cops, almost every set of lights on the way back had a cop car sitting there :shock:
  3. Hi ......... Yes you are right l also think at there was police car in ever corner. but if you are doing the right thing , l guest you had no fear of being pulled up.

    Cheers and safe riding.

    ST SPRINT 8)
  4. Heck I was nowhere near phillip island (up at kinglake - sorry puppywarewolf I didn't see you :LOL: ) but I saw at least 5 cops cars, one with the radar gun set up and others driving around the area.

    Also went through one booze bus on the way back to melbourne. but they waved me through and took all the cars :shock:
    never thought I'd see the day!
  5. What about that post by "Scoobydoo" regarding rider behavior on Sunday to and from the GP?

    Does anyone think that what he/she posted may have some accuracy to it?
  6. probably is some accuracy to it. but from a totally biased anti bike point of veiw. face facts, cagers HATE bikes. we are faster, more agile and able to get through congestred traffic much much quicker. this will always keep an 'us vs them' mentality going between us.

    while most of us would see a wheelie and think 'awesome, wish i could do that' and appreciate the entertainment value. cagers will think 'geezuz, that kids got a death wish' and forever think that every single one of us is gunna do it right next to him.

    i hate cagers just as much as they do me.....