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VIC Motorcyclists targeted in Yarra Ranges operation

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by joetdm, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. On VicPolNews web site this morning....


  2. just for something different then....LOL

    good to see they think they are having an impact...reality is people are just going elsewhere as we are all aware of the overzealous policing in these areas.

    gives yourselves a part on the back ya twits
  3. they like having picnics in the bushes,
    Do they deliver donuts up there,
  4. [Vic] Motorcyclists targeted in Yarra Ranges operation

    {Seems Joe and I are on the same brainwave - by a few minutes! My separate thread merged here}


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    Well ladies and gentlemen, as we predicted, the police have indeed claimed a drop in the stats in the Yarra ranges as "good policing" and the successful outcome from their operations (see red above). It seems that the police on the ground haven't read the Victorian Auditor Generals SMACK ACROSS VICPOL's BACK OF THE HEAD* where the report points out that the police do not take motorcycling exposure (number of bike km's or time on the road) into account when assessing their stats. The quote above is a perfect example. Riders in the know have avoided these areas because of the blatant harassment. I'd say that there a reduction in exposure as a result.

    In my view, several months worth of operations and only 130 speed infringements in an area that has almost universally been reduced to 80km/h (down from 100km/h) sounds like - well, you guys can fill in the missing blanks - but it's a whole lot of puffery to justify their operations if you ask me.

    One thing that keeps getting on my goat are the sound bite twisting of stats to justify themselves. Again we see the time honoured twisting of the stats with the police officer stating that this year's fatality numbers (inferring that they are high and indicative of dangerous riding) are the prima facie reason for running such operations. It's a load of utter rubbish.

    Last year only a quarter of the fatalities were in motorcycling hot spots and the police PR following the majority of those incidences did not point to speeding. That trend is holding again this year.

    Some truth in statistics would be a bloody refreshing change. Some straight shooting, calling a spade a spade, politics devoid conversation would be refreshing too, and probably go a loooooong way to building bridges between coppers and riders.

    * VAGO related links:
    http://www.audit.vic.gov.au/reports__publications/reports_by_year/2010-11/20110209_motorcycles.aspx <-- Report

    http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/motorcycle-death-toll-fight-stifled-20110209-1an3k.html <--- News Article

    https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=119207 <-- NR Discussion.
  5. Other interesting thing in the article is how they started it in 2008 and boast about the decrease in rider detected speed.

    BUT!!! How do they explain the increase in fatalities in 2010 even though they apparently reduced the overall riding speed?
  6. Oh I see, we have a smart aleck in our midst do we?

    The spike in the bike toll from 2010 was entirely the responsibility of motorcyclists and should never be questioned again, even if this year's toll falls well within predictable tolerances.
    Motorcyclists are their own worst enemies, they don't get it, they flout the law, they make the government look bad, they make the police look bad and they're a menace on our roads and to society.

    The police are angels sent by heaven to watch over us and should never be questioned. Simon Overland is the Archangel Gabriel and my arse smells like apple blossoms every time i fart.

    Note- This post may contain levels of sarcasm never before seen on these boards.
  7. They've set up a beautiful honey trap that still lures the unsuspecting.

    We called for the broken white line along pig straight and got it, but now it gets us. Oh the irony.

    The longest straight section, the highest visibility, the safest place to overtake if you don't hang around and get it over with, exactly the same place they sit in the bushes and ping us, and then squawk about it in the press and use it as evidence against us. Sgt. Karnts at your service.