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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bravus, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. ... in terms of due care and attention when splitting/filtering.

    It's just my observation, and it's a huge generalisation that won't apply in all individual cases, blah blah.

    But seriously, I regularly see cyclists splitting at 40-50 km downhill between rows of stationary or moving cars, or up the left, in situations where they wouldn't have a hope in hell of stopping if someone suddenly opened a door or decided to change lanes. Scooters do some of the same as well as duck and weave on the absolute assumption that no-one will do anything unexpected. The vast majority of motorcyclists I see, even if they split in places where I personally wouldn't, are riding in a far safer way in terms of space and time for error, going at an appropriate speed, etc.
  2. I thought the heading was about knob sizes.
  3. an interesting observation considering the number of people I have say to me 'i'm sick of you bikers not waiting your turn in traffic' yet when I ask them abotu cyclists splitting they say 'oh that's ok, it's only a pushy'
  4. It's a simple matter of conservation of momentum.

    Slow down on your motor-sickle, and a simple twist of the wrist gets you back up to pace, pronto!

    Slow down on your scooter, and you've gotta wring it's neck and paddle with your feet Fred Flintstone style to get back up to pace.

    Slow down on your pushy, and you've gotta pedal the bastard!

    Hence the tendency to hoard momentum like you're a squirrel with a nut.
  5. Yeah, what devotard said. Continuing with the generalisation, at least most cyclists tend to split on one side and stay there, there are a fair number of scooter riders out there who weave in and out of the left and right of whichever lane, and if you're coming straight through on your bike and one comes straight out from in front of a truck at right angles to the traffic (seen it a NUMBER of times), then it can easily be a big oopsie for both of ya!

    So yeah, for pace perhaps cyclists take the cake, but for dangerous unpredictability, I think scooters hold the crown (again, acknowledging my huge generalisation!).

    Butz. :beer:
  6. I'm inclined to agree with your humble observations, Bravus.

    Alot of pushbike riders seem to think the same way (It's only a pushy).

    Alot of Scooter riders seem to have the same thought (It's only a pushy) :rofl: .

    Nahhh!...I mean they think it's only a scooter. :grin:

    Either way...neither seems to take what they are doing seriously enough.
  7. at least on a pushy you can bail it up onto the gutter, or a scooter you can lay down and not cry.
  8. I think that depends upon if it's a $1999 50cc cheapy or an $8000 Vespa :)
  9. Don't you guys know that because it's legal to pass on the left, on a pushie, that means it's perfectly safe???? :wink:
  10. I think it comes down to the training when considering when two wheelers dure care and attention when splitting.

    Motorbike riders have to have a license of some sorts (not counting unlicensed riders off course)

    Scooter riders are "maybe" have a license. Most 50cc don't, most bigger scoots do.

    Pushies? No license, no rego, no insurance.

    Then when you look at the speed when filtering, pushied are the quickest, scoots next and generally, motorbikers split the slowest. But it is all a generalisation isn't it?

    I think that has some relevance to your observations.
  11. Alot of the cyclists around here like to "filter" on the left of the left hand lanes!

    I have had a few scary moment lately where I am in my car and have my left indicator on in the left lane at lights, and am just about too or am in the middle of turning left and a bicycle cruises by like he owns the road and narrowly missing my car cleaning him up!
  12. I was splitting down carhil expressway a few days ago and ducked behind a car as the gap was too thin for me, gap opened and I was about to pull out and a pushy flew past at at least 30km faster than the traffic. I normally check my mirrors before splitting but I had only paused for a second..
  13. I think people in cars know they are going to over take the push bike again as soon as the lights change so its ok.

    But a motorbike is only going to get further and further ahead, so in their head they think they are loosing a race or something.

    unless someone is hurt or someone property is damaged during filtering i dont see a problem with it, yeh its dangerous so is driving and walking across the road, the only real problem is angry people getting their knickers in a twist.

    and imo there is no que your not lined up for a carnival ride or waiting to get the best seats somewhere your all going to separate places so pipe down concentrate on your own vehicle. :idea:

    (yes once i start talking i cant stop)
  14. I used to race on the velodrome where the real men ride LOL.

    I raced an rode with clubs. I'd say on a whole 80% of proper riders (not weekend warriors) don't obey the road rules ever. I remember riding with a major club, about 80 of us in a group and we didn't stop for anything. Round-a-bout we all went through and traffic stopped ON the round-a-bout. Red lights, nope, straight through (early morning, no traffic but that's beside the point).

    The mentality of cyclists is they use road rules when it's to their advantage oh but wait, now i'm a pedestrian and you need to give way to me aswell....

    I abuse cyclists just like anyone else. I think they should be banned from main roads in peak hour traffic. I'll abuse them when i overtake the guy only to have him lane split at a set of lights and have to overtake him again.

    On a side note for those of you who know Mt White i hit a nice 93km/h sprinting down it LOL :shock:
  15. Watch out, I spank cyclists if they get in my way. HARD :p
  16. LOL
    I don't ride anymore so it's all good. When i rode out that way i'd be going through at 6:30am to avoid any traffics. The general rule i followed was to be out of there by 8:30am. After that your life was in your own hands LOL.
  17. I've done a bit of both, cycling is like riding in that we all love carrying hill/corner speed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Those of us in the east of Melbourne need to use as much momentum as we can to get up those hills though.

    I did have some tool on a scooter "racing" me as I was splitting on the Eastern Fwy once. I was between the right & middle lanes & he was between the middle & left lane!

    By my count he's doing two stupid things............
  18. The guy on the GSXR 11 lanesplitting up canterbury on thursday was crap tho. There were 4 of us on pushies and he held the lot of us up a half dozen times. :)