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Motorcyclists face zero alcohol limit [qld]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by stewy, Sep 17, 2009.

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  2. That's bullshit.

    Nice work from Terry whatsisname of the local riders' union on supporting the notion that riders are incapable of operating a bike after a beer or two. What a load of bollocks.
  3. Radio ID on bikes? :evil:
  4. That's crap! Show me some figures that state XX amount of motorcycle crashes are from drinking, then I would be inclined to think about it.

    Seriously, these people are out of touch with reality.
  5. As I said when they brought 0 BAC in for heavy vehicle drivers, if they are going to do this then do it for EVERYONE... not just the unlucky few they pick so they can look like they are doing something.

    As for protective clothing standards... that's a harder one.

    There is data that shows that in hot and humid climates like qld in summer that normal bike gear (which protects in a accident) is linked to an increase in accidents frequency.

    Of course that doesn't automatically mean causation... but it's something that would have to be checked.
  6. A few months ago I was breath tested by a friendly policeman (who'd have thought) who informed me in all his years of doing this he'd only ever caught *one* motorcyclist over the limit, compared to the half-dozen motorcar drivers he'd probably have to charge that evening.

    If the government wants to stop motorcycle fatalities, banning cars would be a good start. :wink:
  7. Anyone who thought that zero alcohol would be just for P Platers, or just for one type of vehicle, was surely living in hope.
  8. guess we won't be doing another qld tour if these laws come in :LOL:
  9. I refuse to operate a vehicle of any type, after consuming any amount of alcohol.
    I really don't care if they make it 0.00 BAC across the board.
  10. Someone needs to put these out of control government мудаки in their place. Transport authorities are out of control, censorship laws are out of control, etc. It's time for the PEOPLE to take back the country, not a bunch of self-serving jerks in suits. [/i]
  11. Yup, its only a matter of time before its 0.00 for everyone. Same goes for speeding, wont be too long until some sort of invasive gps or similar style speed monitoring system takes over..
  12. Joel +1

    I don't ride within 8 hours of a single beer, 24 hours after a "good" night..
    Having had one "big one" I like to have everything in my favor
  13. The solution is to ban all vehicles totally. The road toll would drop for sure, I guarantee it.

    Oh and ban stairs too. Because I'm sure someone has fallen down a set of stairs and died at some stage during history.

    What a crock.

    But smoking is legal :wink: Its totally safe. Ignore the packets.

    I love getting reemed 40c for every dollar I earn and 10% GST every time I take my wallet out to fund our public health system that pays for fat p*cks to have by-pass operations and lung cancer treatment as a direct result of smoking.
  14. While I have been known to have one glass of wine with a meal, and then ride within two hours, I don't think the two activities mix well.

    However, Zero BAC is just a stupid idea for any drivers, pilots, etc. since it is so easy to have a small BAC due to normal foods and medications. My cough mixture has it, so I am sitting here with a non-zero BAC now.

    Some lower BAC limit for some drivers makes sense, particularly when they are in charge of a vehicle carrying lots of people, or which could do lots of damage. That limit needs to be non-zero though. Maybe .01?

    However if there is no evidence that motorcyclists are killing themselves (and that would be their right as far as I'm concerned) or others, then why introduce such a law? Numpties!
  15. having just tasted some of queenslanders 'beer', it's quite clear that the QLD govt is doing motorcyclists a favour anyway. :p

    now, how to get rid of those bad perms...........
  16. I don't either, but the gutless wonders instead choose to pick on one group after another.

    They should either have courage in their convictions or drop it.
  17. fcukwits.

    I don't ride after drinking alcohol, but 0.00 is exactly that, nothing, zilch, zero. So that means 0.01 makes you over the limit. I think 0.00 is impractical for any road user if it's enforced to the letter of the law. And with zero tolerance and no discretion, that means you could be well over the limit and never have had any intention to be so, or even have taken every reasonable precaution to avoid be so. And it would give the QLD police force, who, let's face it, are not immune for questionable activities even more excuse to perform 'random' stops.

    This country is.......grrr!. It is the most over regulated, governed and conservative place I've ever been to and yet, out of total self delusion it romanticises someone like Ned Kelly in the belief that that is the spirit of the place. So far from the truth, it's scary.

    I am positive that some riders are off their heads when they die. But they were already breaking the law. Making it so previously totally legal and safe riders will now have a serious conviction, find it impossible to acquire insurance, lose their car/bike/truck licence, lose their job, their income, potentially their partner and all for what? For 0.01? fcuk, what a total cock of an idea.

    As for mandatory gear. Perhaps the QLD police could start by having their own 'elite' riders set an example? For a group who may be called on upon to persue an offender at high speed either on twisting roads or heavy traffic to 'protect' themselves with a blue shirt, gloves, light trousers and boots is ridiculous.

    Can you tell I am angry? Shit day at work..... :(
  18. Good points.

    Hope your day gets better. Have a beer. :wink:

  19. Ditto!
  20. It did! And I did! A few beers at Apres with Lizzy and we set the World right.