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Motorcyclists are "x" times more likely to...

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TonyE, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. I've been reading through a lot of stuff lately and found some interesting variations on the "motorcyclists are x times more likely..." theme.

    Psychological and social factors influencing motorcycle rider intentions and behaviour ATSB 2007

    Australian motorcyclists and their pillions are at least 10 times as likely to die or be seriously injured as car drivers and their passengers.

    but a year later our risks seem to have gone up dramatically.
    Fatal and serious road crashes involving motorcyclists ATSB 2008

    ...motorcycle riders are 41 times more likely to sustain a serious injury...

    But AAMI & the RTA thinks it's only 20 times...

    A 2004 study by the New South Wales (NSW) Roads and Traffic Authority suggests that, in the event of a crash, motorcycle riders are 20 times more likely to be killed than drivers.

    But in Victoria (with the lowest crash and fatality rates) VicRoads tells us we go up to 30 times

    On Melbourne’s arterial roads, riders are 30 times more likely than car drivers to be involved in serious casualty or fatal crashes.

    And on another subject

    Community Attitudes to Road Safety: Community
    Attitudes Survey Wave 18, 2005

    Those with a motorcycle licence are the most likely to claim they restrict their alcohol consumption when driving (64%) and the least likely to say they don’t drink (25%).
    - we might be drunks, but we're responsible about it. :LOL:
  2. A lot of that is based on differant measurements and definitionss: for example, the ATSB one sounds like it rates the likelihood of crashes based on KMs travelled, whereas the AAMI/RTA one details your likelihood of serious injury/death when an accident actually occurs.

    Doesn't mean the different results are contradictory, just that they're assessing differant aspects of the risk.
  3. Motorcyclists are significantly more likely to get wet.
  4. The AAMI/RTA report is the only one that does that, the others are similar - and I've had many long arguments at meetings with the ATSB about the validity of the VKT figures they use. They use ABS figures which even the ABS say can be out by up to 25%. The methodology of obtaining Vehicle Kilometres Travelled is badly flawed for motorcycles - there's an ABS paper for 2007 here.

    The average is 2,700 km/year according to the ABS - and has SA & WA only averaging 2,900 per rider. With NSW & Qld on 4,400 km/year. It just doesn't ring true somehow. (Qld's estimate has a relative standard error of 25% to 50% according to the ABS)

    What's interesting is that the CARRS-Q figure done for the ATSB by Narelle Haworth (no friend of motorcycling) has the lowest figure of 10.
  5. Motorcyclists are "13.7" times more likely to be awesome.

    I wouldn't read too much into statistics. Unless you are 100% sure about how they have collected, manipulated and complied them, then they are useless.
  6. Cheerful Tony, giving us all the good news. Thanks mate.
  7. How bout motorcyclists are 1000 times more likely to enjoy their commute than car drivers.
  8. Ahahaha
  9. ... are more likely to use the words 'chicken strips' than a fat person at KFC

  10. It's been my view for ages that motorcycle riders make less basic errors on the road than car drivers, but due to the nature of motorcycling, the errors can have bigger consequences.

    Those x times stats are often abused by the "powers that be" to suggest that we're x times more likely to get involved in a crash/incident/accident. That's just plain bollocks.
  11. "are 10 times more likely to spout crap on internet forums"... :LOL:
  12. every dad, elderly, kids, mankind know that motorcycle is more dangerous than airbag car :LOL:
  13. Any outdoor activity is more dangerous than being inside.
  14. Motorcyclists are 1.00046291 times more likely to get more attention from the opposite sex.
  15. 50% of fatal motorbike accidents involve another vehicle. Which are mostly blamed on the motorbike rider inattention, the not the driver of the car.

    50% of fatal motorbike accidents usually involve poor training/experience and speed.

    The 50% of fatal motorbike accidents that involve another vehicle equates to 10% of all road deaths.

    SSSOOO, if I don't ride like a moron, be aware of all cars around me I'd be sitting in the 10% of all fatal road deaths....not bad for a "temporary australian" perhaps we should call people in cars temporary australians due to cars being involved in more fatal accidents than bikes?

    Thats what I keep telling myself anyway.
  16. Politicians are infinitely more like to LIE to make a point than any other person on the planet, including murderers and similar trash.
  17. I prefer to shoot the messenger.....

    "Statistical sayings have a 50% chance of being true!"
  18. Well, FWIW, I am a motorcyclist, and I am 100% drunk. Take that NRMA, AAMI, RTA, and Vicroads.
  19. There is a direct correlation between turning your throttle and the speed you travel! Now give me a Phd!
    We all know that the pollies will want to please all the sheeple in their constituency, hence why they will use the biased statistics for their evil ways rather than for the good of humanity. :evil:
  20. What about lawyers?

    soooooo false. walked into a party the other week for my gf's school reunion, dressed in all gear, helmet in hand. One girl piped up "Hi jess' boyfriend", and i hear a shriek "Jess' boyfriend has a bike! So jealous".

    ohhh yeh, i was female attention central. hehe.