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Motorcyclist's 200kmh in peak-hour traffic: police

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by spawn, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. http://www.theage.com.au/national/motorcyclists-200kmh-in-peakhour-traffic-police-20081024-57mf.html

    Thursday night speeding blitz? Time to move the MR to another night? Not that anyone breaks any laws on the MR of course.

    Seriously though, this kind of stuff fuels the negative perception people have of bikers in general.

    Also, the article is a bit biased imo, starts off stating large number of motorcycle deaths and states various offences implying they were all bikes but not saying so explicitly. Surely they were targetting all road users but the whole article implies its the bikers breaking all the laws.. :roll:
  2. My bad, delete/lock thread at your leisure :)
  3. He got nabbed at 6.20pm last night, so was he trying to get to St Kilda in time for the Mystery Ride.
  4. restrict all bikes to LAMS

    by the way do LAMS bikes go over 200kph?
  5. Down mineshafts - yes.

  6. the cb400 is speed restricted to 200kph afaik to meet the requirements of a class2A bike in Japan / Singapore / etc.

    (as reported from some of the singapore bike forums)

    That said, you'd be doing 13krpm in 6th anyway.

    With a larger rear sprocket i'd suspect that you could go a bit faster.
  7. Choke on a bucket of d1cks.
  8. Also

    /in before "Must have been stuck in 3rd!"
  9. smaller rear sprocket maybe? so close....

    +1, Tax i bet you're the turkey they named "turkey slapping" after
  10. Doncaster man huh...boro_baba were you out riding the Eastern last night? :LOL:
  11. guh.

    yeah thats it.


    got the flu atm, not thinking well at all.

    didnt ride the bike today cause i didnt want to fill my helmet up with gunk.
  12. Ahhhh yes, another motorcycles are dangerous and should be banned spiel........

    still I suppose I suppose it sells more papers than "studies show 90% of motorcyclists obey speed limits and follow the law"

    (please note, statistical figures pulled out my arse)

  13. Well said mate
  14. (Sample group size of 1.)
  15. 90% of you obeys the speed limit? Which bit doesn't?
  16. My right wrist.
  17. :LOL:
  18. ^ Top notch, guys! Loving it.

    By the by, did anyone catch the video in the article about a fellow in Qld done for doing 80km/h...on a skateboard? Got nabbed over...YouTube! Hahaha, nice. Anyway, worth a watch. Interesting to see how it pans out, he's arguing in court over the definition of 'vehicle'. As in 'dangerous operation of a'. :LOL: Hope he wins.

    - boingk
  19. So do I.