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Motorcyclist trapped by helmet under truck

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by vic, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. Code:
    Motorcyclist trapped by helmet under truck
        * December 2, 2008 - 9:44AM
    Paramedics say a motorcyclist is lucky to be alive after he was trapped by his helmet under a truck following a collision in inner Melbourne on Tuesday.
    - Smash between motorcycle, truck
    - Lucky to be alive
    - Helmet saved man
    Firefighters took 20 minutes to free the 32 year-old man from under the truck while paramedics put a drip in his arm and gave him pain relief.
    Paramedic Chris Betts said the helmet saved the motorcyclist from serious injury.
    "He had some pain to his shoulder and grazes to his legs," Mr Betts said.
    The man was taken to The Alfred hospital and is in a stable condition.
    It's not a rider down thread but more so a "helmet save lives" thread :)

    I wonder how hard the helmet manufacturers are looking to see which brand of helmet the rider was wearing. It's a pretty good endorsement don't you think?

  2. Am very interetsed to see what brand he was wearing.
    Funny if it was a non-approved chinese ebay special :LOL:

    BTW .. Yeah lucky guy!
  3. :rofl:

    could be anything as long as it doesn't have the AS sticker.... :roll:
  4. I await the thread that asks if the helmet is still safe to wear.
  5. Or the one that says if he wasn't wearing a helmet he wouldn't have been trapped in the first place! :roll:
  6. Maglite?
  7. On the subject of helmets under cars, I remember encountering an accident exactly like the one described, on Macquarie Pass some years ago. A young man was pinned under a car by only his head, with the helmet wedged under the passenger side door. He was entirely uninjured, but the people on the scene wisely refrained from atempting to move him from under the car, or remove his helmet, until professional help arrived.
  8. Oh boy, you're going straight to hell for that one :wink: :LOL:
  9. I remember a story from the US where a similar incident occurred but the rider actually got decapitated as he slid under a van.
  10. Must have been a damn light truck...
  11. So the helmet was holding the truck up?

    Do you think they thought undoing it would get him out quicker then lifting the truck up...

  12. I'm sure they might have thought that but thankfully they did the sensible thing and kept his helmet ON until they had extricated him.

    He may have had one of these stickers on his helmet, too;

    "In case of accident, do not remove my helmet".

    You should have one on your helmet.....
  13. I'm thinking of putting a sticker on my helmet

    "In case of accident, remove the bloody truck!!!"
  14. Good work all round. Glad he got through ok! Despite the bumps and bruises.

    Where can I get one of those Stickers hornet?
  15. Where can I get one of those Stickers hornet?

    Good question, I got mine through the local Illawarra Riders forum, I'll post up there and ask, and get back to you!
  16. Thanks Hornet! :)
  17. My source says she got them in response to an email request, from the Australian Motorcycle Association.

    I'm not sure who that is, though, googling it results in finding the MRA site, and I can't find the stickers there.

    TonyE, can you help??
  18. Certainly not the second one :LOL:

    No, it's just a simple white sticker with a red surround and red writing saying "In case of accident, do not remove my helmet", in capitals.

    It's 80mm x 30mm.