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Motorcyclist torture

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Cris, Oct 12, 2015.

  1. It's a beautiful warm sunny day. My motorcycle's standing under the house with a full tank, calling me softly. I have a desk piled with work I must finish before an expected call from a client this afternoon.


  2. Pull the fire alarm, work gets wet, client call gets postponed. Problem. Sovlered!
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  3. You reckon I can get away with that again?
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  4. Same weather scenario, then the little lady says:

    'You promised the landscaping would get done this w/end...'
    • Aliens landed.
    • The dog ate my submission.
    • I am in the CFA and got called to a fire.
    • A politician told the truth and I fainted and have only just come around.
    • I was kidnapped by the New South Wales separatist army.
    • I had to assist a damsel in distress.
    • Ummmm
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  5. Find out if client has a bike. Pull a sickie together. Claim petrol and food as a business expense. :smug:
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  6. I can definitely hear the voice(s) of experience in this thread ;)
  7. That has great possibilities. Client has a bike (the coupla thousand k's between me & him presents a small obstacle).

    Anyway I rode I rode! It was only half an hour post-work, but deffo the best part of the day.
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  8. Replace landscaping with random child relative birthday party and you've got my common scenario.

    Doesn't stop me though, but at least I know what I'm in trouble for when I get back.
  9. I can thoroughly recommend retirement! :)
  10. Marriage & business failure combining to make me have to start from scratch last year make retirement an extremely distant and unlikely prospect (thereby hangs a tale, not unrelated to my odd decision to buy a motorbike). Fortunately I am an efficient and greedy user of the leisure/riding time I do have available ;)
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  11. Riding seems to focus the mind in a way that at least temporarily relieves the stresses of such events. I used to find that rock climbing had the same effect, but I haven't been permitted to do that for some time now!
  12. No, torture is the weeks recovering from a knee replacement, with a perfectly good Honda parked under its cover. And measuring the angle of bend in the knee that the painful physio program is achieving, desperately trying to the get the magical 100 degrees that is required to ride a bike with the foot pegs in the proper place. I'm getting closer and closer...
  13. Bumblebeeman1150Bumblebeeman1150 OK you trump me, but at least you have a decent source of motivation to keep up the physio .. best of luck getting back on the bike sooner rather than later.
  14. Thanks mate. I'm getting there.
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  15. You're right about that. At some risk of sounding melodramatic, the focus of learning to ride might have helped saved my life.
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  16. Not melodramatic at all. The mental discipline of riding a motorcycle well is all-consuming. You have to ride every metre of the journey, and be present at every second. It focuses the mind extremely well, and the achievement of good, consistent, self-protecting technique is a very life affirming thing; not everyone can do it, and even a good many who ride still don't have it. After 47 years on motorcycles, I am still learning and still loving what it gives me back.
  17. Bumblebeeman1150Bumblebeeman1150 Yep, well said. That all-consuming demand can (if you heed it) really hold you in "the moment" (as the phrase goes). And there's that strong motivator of always having incremental progress in ability being available.
  18. Being overseas for a month without the bike. Will miss all those glorious roads and first half of the Australian summer.

    Well...hopefully this will be a long summer. :D
  19. Go rent a bike wherever you're going LL.
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