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Motorcyclist takes out Bicycle rider

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by korbail, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. This passes for journalism these days. I have access to youtube too, can I become a reporter?
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  2. Whats the speed limit on that road? If the cyclist cant keep up with the posted road limit then they are a danger to other road users..........they should ban those pesky cyclists.
  3. To give the rider credit that's the first one I've seen to actually make it through that corner.
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  4. The road is 55mph with a 25mph corner speed warning for that particular bend.

    Rider is a complete idiot and has no idea how to ride, he could have easily swerved to the left to avoid the crash, he was barely lent over at all and not going quickly. Such a rookie error he does not deserve a license, if he was going hard he should have ditched it into the dirt and hoped to avoid the bicycles. However he seriously should have just steered left, there was plenty of lane to go around them.

    This is the problem, to get a license in LA, you just rock up on a 50cc scooter on the day, pass the test then bam do whatever you want, buy a busa no more training required. As much as i hate the GLS, it does make us better riders and improve safety quite a lot.

    Lucky the cyclist did not get hit in the back with the headlight and instead copped it under his arse, probably saved him a lot of pain, as it was a much slower deceleration than getting hit straight up by the bike.

    I hope they sue the rider of the motorbike to the point where he has to sell his bike and never rides again.

    There are so many cyclists on old road, which is far tighter, and incidents like this almost never happen, most americans just cant ride to save their lives, or prevent rubbing out the lives of others.
  5. Whoa ! BAM ! Cop that
  6. Prat.

    I like the way he(?) puts his foot down for extra braking. I doubt if there's more than an hour or two's riding experience there.
  7. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you:
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  8. He did give his scone a bit of a knock though on the way down!
    A truly shocking piece of newbie riding with get out of jail cards on either side.

    That rnickeymouse does some excellent vids of Mulholland. Have to say i'd love to have a blat around there some day.
  9. Umm you don't think that was set up at all do you?
  10. Not sure how many people are willing to write their bike off and get hit by a motor vehicle for a joke
  11. Granted, it was verging on the ridiculous ..................... but we are talking Americans and a curve in the road
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  12. I know, but it just seems so ludicrously idiotic, even for a yank, that it can't possibly be real.

    If it is, then I will use this as an example of why NOT EVERYONE is capable of riding a motorcycle.
  13. Even after all that, still no significant injuries to speak of. I like how they both managed to use the rider to break their fall.
  14. Money?????

    As I said, seems too ludicrously idiotic to be real.
  15. I've watched folk do equally incompetent stuff on a motorcycle so yes, I regard it as perfectly plausible.
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  16. Unfortunately we live with idiots in this world...it is hard to fathom, but it seems to have been proven many times since the invention of video recording and interwebs.
  17. Well, given this is true, it only adds to my argument that we SHOULD NOT encourage EVERYONE to ride a motorcycle.

    Why do you think Gottlieb Daimler invented the car second? Because even he realised back then that not everyone possessed the necessary intelligence, co-ordination and fine motor skills required to operate a motorcycle.
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  18. http://media.smh.com.au/national/selections/petrol-driveoff-gone-wrong-4230483.html

    This one shows they should have kept inventing after the car.
  19. No that's not the fault of their invention. You have to remember that when Gottleib invented the motorcycle and car you bought petrol in tins from the Chemist, petrol stations had not been invented.