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Motorcyclist Offers Apologies to Members of DUMB

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by DisgruntledDog, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

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  2. Well played Larry.
  3. I'll order some of them stickers!

    Hell, I'll even pay for em!
  4. Just imagine the responses in the letters page of that paper over the next few days from people who know they do all that and feel they are being picked on.
  5. Read this one on FB today.
    Thought, if it wasn't true, it would be really funny!
  6. Ah Larry, what a dude.
  7. Awesome stuff.
  8. (y) Awesome Read!

    The D.U.M.B & The DUMBER (Drivers Utilising Multiple Behaviors Endanger Riders). :p
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  9. Nice one LL.
  10. Pure brilliance.
  11. That is Gold, nice one Larry
  12. Classic!
  13. awesome read haha
  14. This gives me an interesting idea...

    Instead of kicking mirrors/honking horns/flipping the bird/opening doors on daft drivers, why not carry a few stickers that carry a message along the lines of "Warning: Driver too important/stupid to look before merging" or "Caution: Driver suffers from small genitalia and may take this frustration out on you" and just sticking it on their bumper as you roll past.

    How many of these drivers would even notice the sticker if they didnt see you fooling around back there, most of them just go straight to and from the drivers door!
  15. Starting to worry me before I've even realy gotten out there!
  16. Good to see a journo writing something intelligent and poignant. The irony is that those people drive the other cage drivers crazy as well, they just don't injure them as often.
  17. Can we get larry on NR?
  18. instead of a high beam flash to the idiots, i reckon we should have one of those laser words projector to project "DUMB" onto their car for everyone else to see on the road
  19. Yeah, I want one but I want to be able to program my own words in...like adding another word after Dumb.