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Motorcyclist may be the arsonist responsible ..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by 2up, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. It could be one of us...

    Task force closing in on killer.
    By Adam Walters

    February 12, 2009 12:00am

    THE manhunt for the arsonist responsible for the deaths of 21 people in the Gippsland fires has intensified, with police believed to be closing in on the culprit.

    When asked how Taskforce Phoenix - which is investigating the deliberately lit fires in Victoria - was progressing, Premier John Brumby said: "I believe that they are close to finalising investigations."

    Mr Brumby had just met Yvonne Hammer, who lost her home in the town of Callignee, where 11 people died. Mrs Hammer broke down as she spoke to Mr Brumby, describing the inferno as "complete murder".

    Victorian police announced the task force last week, bringing in 100 police to investigate all fire-related deaths from the bushfires.

    Victoria's deputy police Commissioner Simon Overland confirmed investigators were looking into the sighting of a motorcyclist seen acting suspiciously on the weekend near the town of Churchill.

    Greg Flanagan had stayed to save his Churchill house when he said he saw the suspected arsonist at the time of the fire.

    "I was next door and my neighbours ran out to get the number plate of the bike," Mr Flanagan told The Daily Telegraph yesterday.

    "It was a black road bike with L-plates. He was wearing board shorts and a T-shirt, hiding behind his helmet. At that stage, the fires were ripping up the hill here and it was touch-and-go for everybody.

    "This guy rode to the top and then did a quick U-turn and headed back down at a rate of knots. It's chilling to think that this guy was right under our noses, checking out his handiwork."

    The landscape around Churchill is grey - piles of ash, charred trees, gutted homes and cars.

    At first glance, the fierce blazes behind Mt Baw Baw had the appearance of a volcano.

    Volcanic was the word Mr Flanagan uses to describe the intensity of the fires on Saturday when he joined hundreds of locals who scrambled to protect their families and homes.

    The Flanagans were sitting inside with the blinds down doing everything they could to ease the sting of 47C heat. "The flames arrived from nowhere and engulfed large gum trees just metres from their house," he said.

    "The fire was horrific and my wife grabbed our daughter, the dog and the cat, and sped down the mountain.

    "I stayed behind to save the house which was under ember attack. It was only incredible luck that saved the home. The wind suddenly switched and we were spared."

    Mr Flanagan said his neighbour's son died after he arrived to rescue his parents. They survived but the young man was trapped by the flames.




  2. That's a bloody long bow to draw!

    He could have been there for a hundred reasons for all they know.....

    Not saying it wasn't him, but it's for damn sure they better have something more than "he was acting suspicious".
  3. It was reported on Seven News last night that the bike also had a fuel container strapped to the pillion seat. (As reported by an eye witness)
  4. +1
    A bike riding to the top of a hill, seeing a fire, then riding away from it as fast as possible doesn't seem suspicious to me, and WTF is with the "hiding behind their helmet" comment. :?

    Still, it's yet another reason to stay away from the area, if word spreads that a motorcyclist is suspected then I wouldn't want to be riding a bike into any of those regions, never know how an angry, confused mob might react.

    Edit: Okay the fuel container seems a little more suspicious, unless of course they were planning on riding a long way through areas with no petrol stations.
  5. Come on, we all know that all people who ride bikes are criminals. arsonists, druggies or some other kind of undesirable character.
  6. yeah, I saw i similar article saying that a biker with a fuel can was seen fleeing the scene. but why the hell would an arsonist take the can with them ???
    You would think that they would have just thrown the can into the fire.

    But people exscaping in cars reportedly took as much fuel as they could with them, for 100 reasons.
  7. a suspect is a suspect i guess and with the scale of this im happy that they are looking into everything.
    as long as the greater population of oz sees the person and not the fact that they are a rider.. if indeed it was them.
    probably stole the bike as a cover..
  8. Who cares whether or not he was a motorcyclist.

    He could have traveled by magic carpet for all it matters.

    First and foremost he is a human being who killed scores of people, ruined the lives of thousands more and slaughtered tens of thousands of animals. All for what?

    At best he is disturbed and at worst a complete coward who KNEW he was going to kill.

    Either way he and the other arsonists should be found and prosecuted to the fullest extent permitted by law.
  9. Especially if you have a black r6 / r1 because thats what they showed on 7 news. At least in QLD.
  10. But if this biker saw the start of a bush fire, why didnt they ring in and report it, and why havent they come forward now to claim their innocence?
  11. #11 titus, Feb 12, 2009
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    For all WE know, he/she may have done so. What we don't know is what the 'suspicious behaviour' was, and if there was any evidence. The police haven't given anyone much info yet and they won't until they've gone as far as they can.
    I don't blame anyone for being suspicious and the cops following the lead. The media could have been a bit more careful with their words but that's only a minor issue.

    Just heard, the cops are currently questioning two people based on information received about the fires north of Melbourne...
  12. HE... maybe a SHE hiding behind that helmet :?
  13. Damn those magic carpet riding helmet wearing hermaphrodite polar bears that cast shadows shapped like motorbikes and fart fire.
  14. Unlikely but possible. Arsonists are more likely to be male.
  15. Jeesus our media is bloody irresponsible! aside form all the speculation in those articles, they also published the number plate!

    :roll: Hope the guy got the number plate right, stringing up the wrong guy based on two letters & three numbers would sure put a damper on the mob's party.

    Edit: disclaimer, I hope they do get the guy & he gets what he deserves, but more responsible reporting would not be a bad idea.
  16. i love the 'hiding behind his helmet' comment

    maybe he was just WEARING a helmet. Cause it's the LAW
  17. If he is the arsonist that is a very ironical statement.
    He was obeying the LAW because he was wearing a helmet but he disobeyed the LAW and all human decency because he started a fire that killed 21 people in his area.
  18. #18 titus, Feb 12, 2009
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    Are you missing the point? The witness's comment about 'hiding' was silly at best. IF he is innocent, he would still have had a helmet on.

    The question is, what constituted 'suspicious behaviour'? If it was just the wearing of a helmet...

    (let's hope the cops clear it up).

    Two arrests have been made in regard to 'suspicious behavour' relating to the Seymour, Kilmore and related fires, and possibly in relation to the Churchill fire. No charges laid yet.

    If it goes as far as charges, it's gonna take the Army to stop a lynching...
  19. I dont know if he was ever caught, But the police have been after a yellow dirt bike in the Dandenongs for years, who was supposed to have lit quite a few fires up here,
  20. I'm surprised there's been no "All squids are criminals comments yet".

    Also remember suss activities could also be looters caught in that area but they don't want that info out yet??