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Motorcyclist Loses finger and replaces with USB key.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by cjvfr, Mar 14, 2009.

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  2. :rofl:

    Now he can say "I've got knowledge in my little finger that you have in your whole body!!!"
  3. Unusual .. but practical I guess :p
    What happens if the USB drive becomes faulty? :shock:
  4. not very practical at all. he has to keep one hand plugged to the pc while he uses it. can only do stuff with the other hand. If, while watching freddy got fingered, he wants to get up and have a piss or a beer, he cant pause the movie, has to close it, and disconnect, make sure no urine touches the contact (im sure it can happen somehow), reconnect and then find his place in the movie again. poor forethought.
  5. Or it could be, I don't know, detachable? :LOL:

    First photo looks shoped.
  6. Anything that emits an EM field would cause him to lose the memory...

    And as said before...if the drive becomes faulty, he'd have to buy a custom made one which will cost more then a normal one...different though haha

    phong =P~
  7. Cool Though

  8. ^^^

    That looks really wrong...
  9. for some reason i keep thinking of Mr Methane. "go on, pull my finger" :grin:
  10. Now he's trying to get his girlfriend upgraded to USB 2.0 for some really high speed fun....... :wink:
  11. maybe this way looks better



  12. flash memory does not work this way!

    Aside from that, the 'having to leavy your finger in the computer" thing is the biggest drawback, but a usb extension cable can fix that (yet just another thing to carry).

    IMHO the best 'easy' solution would be a hollow finger that you could store stuff in, like microSD cards, (or something else you didnt want people to find). Something even better would be a mini bluetooth transceiver powered by your body and a linked removable storage card.
  13. Go Go Gadget Finger!!!!

  14. The least they could have done was to integrate a bluetooth transmitter with the usb key and have it powered off the muscular electrical system :LOL:
  15. It would be cooler if it actually LOOKED like a finger.

    Sorry but whoever designed that prosthetic USB finger gets a big FAIL. It looks more like someone's slapped a leftover foreskin on his finger than a finger.

    Maybe he's aiming to star in the next installment of this movie: