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Motorcyclist killed on new bike in Hunter Valley

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by matti-san, May 19, 2006.

  1. http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2006/05/19/1147545482213.html

    A motorcyclist who only bought his bike yesterday was killed when the vehicle struck a kerb and skidded out of control in the NSW Hunter Valley.

    Another one goes down, this time not wearing a helmet.

    People wear a friggen helmet.
  2. Very sad again another rider is dead! Yeh he should have had a helmet on but it may not have saved his life. ??

  3. Singleton's only a few miles up the road from Greta.

    Sad nevertheless :cry:
  4. The article states the bike was new... I'd be more interested to hear whether the rider was new as well? It sounds like in this case wearing the helmet could make a big difference (severe head injuries)
  5. FFS :!: , what is going on with people not wearing helmets :shock: I wouldn't dare get on my bike without one...

  6. It's pretty simple really...with a helmet, you stand a chance - without one, you don't.
    Buys a new bike - takes the girlfriend for a ride - squids it - and dies.

    There's a simple lesson it that.
  7. Some people are just too stupid to live....literally.
  8. Evolution at work.

    Sad, stupid and enitrely preventable.

    The article mentions suzuki, so presumably it was the latest, greatest Gixxer Thousand, and the bloke had probably never been on anything larger than the ag bike on his uncles farm...
  9. It's tragic, sure, but this is the reason why they make it law to wear helmets....

    "To remove the option for people who don't know better."
  10. I don't. Hence the word 'presumably'. But I reckon it's a pretty good guess...
  11. When I get home, I put the bike on the side stand, get off the bike, unlock the garage door, remove my helmet, get back on the bike and ride it 5 metres into the garage, helmetless.

    If I had an accident in that 5 metres, I'm sure the news article would be along the lines of "Helmetless rider injures himself 5 metres from home".

    No-one knows the exact details of this accident, so making sweeping assumptions, isn't a good idea.
  12. But I doubt you would have skidded 70m if you were riding it into your garage Kaer...

    And it wasn't an assumption, it was a presumption...
  13. Kaer's garage could've been next to a 70m cliff... But that's just getting narky.
  14. Tragic......wonder how his GF is. ?

    I rode my cruiser with an open face helmet a few times.
    That was scary enough cos my head felt naked still. So went back to a full face helmet. Then changed the bike to a Hornet as It was an "image thing".
    Came off the hornet and was luck for the full face helmet. Cant imagine what it would be like without a helmet thats just stooopid.
  15. Would be at least 20 metres, as that's the length of the driveway. And it's a split road, so if the bike fell off the split down to the other, another 20 odd.

    New bike, throttle could have stuck, who knows.
  16. I feel for his family, friends and his girlfriend who was pillion passenger.

    Would a helmet saved his life? maybe not, we will never know but he didnt put himself in the best position to withstand a acident, which i think is our responsibility because if we dont take that challange, goverments will legislate us harder so that they will suck all the fun out off riding and if it gets to that point we deserve it.

    Everytime your about to leave on your bike ask yourself these three questions;

    1. If something goes wrong, How will i wipe my arse?
    Then go get your gloves.

    2. If something goes wrong, Is it going to hurt when the nurse has to scrub my road rash to remove the dirt, rocks and gravel from under my skin?
    Then go put you leathers on even if its just a 5 min ride down the road.

    3. If something goes wrong, How will i look when my loved ones have to identify my body?
    Then go put your helmet on.

    10 minutes of preperation can save you from weeks of pain or a life time of disfigerment or in extreem cases it can save your life, It wont always but it gives you a better chance.

    on another note:
    I live in newcastle and the local news said he was on a 400cc suzuki so I would think he was on a DR-Z.

    Sorry for preaching.

  17. My thoughts go out to there family's. My hubby grew up in singleton and is the same ago as this guy. RIP
    Stay Safe everyone
  18. Even squids wear helmets! & did I miss the bit about the GF or was that poetic licence?
  19. Ok Just re-read the article, sympathies to th GF hope she recovers well from the injuries & also her loss!