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Motorcyclist jailed for 26 hours for videotaping gun-wielding cop

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Exonoesis, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. so what's the problem? he's riding, breaking the law, the cop's driving, enforcing the law

    In NSW or Victoria he probably would have been gaoled for the offences as well

    case closed
  2. i was looking at the gun side of things, pretty intimidating getting pulled over by a guy with no lights or sirens, and in plain clothes who pulls a gun on you without even a badge.

    People who speed get caught one way or another and pay the price. this guy did. its just the gun side of things is a bit excessive.
  3. Omg !!!!!

    Edited to add.... yes he was doing the wrong thing but that is definitely excessive in my opinion.
  4. Someone in plane clothes jumps out of a car wielding a gun at you, do you stop?


    I wouldn't.

    Edit: He was jailed for posting the video, nothing to do with the original traffic stop.
  5. I must have miss read the article. I got the impression he wasn't gaoled for the traffic offences, he was gaoled for filming the copper, and his family were harrassed as well.

    Only the Vic coppers would go that far, after giving you a beating first.

  6. ^^ agree ^^

    gun was defiantly excessive
  7. the gun was never pointed at the bloke on the bike, imo thats not excessive. the gun was drawn as a means of arrest, it is america were talking about remember. i see nothing wrong with that, it defiantly made sure the bloke didn't ride off.
  8. Random dude gets out of a car and draws a sidearm telling me to get off my motorcycle at least twice?
    I wouldn't hear the second time...
  9. Fuсk that cop, fuсk the prosecutor, the judge who issued the warrant, and fuсk anyone who has a problem with people who film or photograph things that happen in public.

    The guy was NOT arrested for his actions on the bike, he was arrested for filming the dipshit cop.
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  10. It's worth noting that this did have a positive outcome. THe case was thrown out (except for the traffic stuff) and the law they tried to prosecute him under for recording was ruled unconstitutional (as well it should be).
  11. I'm no expert but I believe there is a requirement to identify yourself as an officer of the law or be displaying a badge before taking such action. I'm sure there are exceptions but I believe the point here was to demonstrate that excessive force was being used.

    Considering how many people in America carry guns the cop is probably lucky that the guy didn't panic and run his arse over. I'm not sure what I would do in that case but I'd probably have to break out the emergency clean undies.
  12. only in america!!! Honestly no idea how that lunatic is still patrolling the streets?
  13. exactly =D>
  14. Bulllllshit. We've got plenty of bad cops here, too.

    At least he didn't shoot first and tell him to get off the motorcycle afterwards, like VicPol might have done
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  15. I like feeling superior to our imperial overlords too but no :p

    Just do some reading up on how many times people get them in trouble by subpoenaing the car cameras...

    Edit: *where them = nsw police, at least.
  16. If we have cops running around like that in oz pulling out guns then i think all hope for human kind has been lost
  17. I think that the official government policies of censorship and telling adults what they can and cannot do with their own bodies are a sufficient indication that there's no hope for humanity.
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  18. Might? You're far too generous old bean.

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  19. The one positive I see is that a gun was drawn and then put away again without anyone actually getting shot.
    (That's not allowed in Victoria.:bolt:)