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Motorcyclist hits Police Officer (SA)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by edgelett, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. from news.com.au:

    anyone else suspect the guy/girl may have either a) been drinking, b) no licence, or c) both?

  2. maybe he was like a reverse bull or something, you know, charges when he sees blue instead of red?

  3. or d) stolen bike
  4. obviously not an AFL player, he would have dumped it 200 metres down the road and legged it :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  5. even if it was stolen, he wouldn't have to run...they don't check rego or licence with RBT's unless you are over. He must have been over, or completely stupid. Or more likely, both.
  6. Probably drunk, i've never been asked for a lisence or vehicle check when i've been breath tested.
  7. I for one like the mooooooo hypothesis.
  8. They might have been playing a little too much Grand Theft Auto before they left the house :p
  9. I think they were an alien. So in a breath check 'it' would have to lift it's tinted visor to reveal it's non human life form face therefore, 'it' had to get away!
  10. :LOL: And now they are sitting under a bridge with a rocket launcer and M16 waiting for the SWAT and Army to turn up :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  11. Maybe not in Qld, buddy, but I've never been stopped for an RBT while on the bike that I HAVEN'T been asked for my license!

    {And the joke is, I'm a tee-totaller :LOL:}
  12. PMSL@ grand theft auto!!

    That game makes me wanna car-jack when I stop at the lights!!

  13. bwahahahaha
  14. reverse bull you say?

    hmm, wouldn't it be OOOOoooom ?
  15. LMAO that's it mate!!!

    You know, once, after playing Destruction Derby 2 for 3 days straight, I then got in my car to return the game.....and seriously nearly deliberately drive directly into the oncoming traffic, thinking to myself "I recon I can get 360 points here..." before i suddenly went "WHAT THE fcuk AM I DOING!!!" and changed my direction.
  16. I do it all to often, especially after playing a few hours of San Andreas, I get to cars and I think about overtaking on the footpath, I lanesplit to the front of lights and then think I can make it between traffic and across the red, and if im in a cage I have this feeling that I can ram my way through any traffic at all! :p
  17. In Brisbane they don't generally do licence check at RBTs however in NSW they definately do. I use to live in NSW was pulled probably half a dozen time whilst had my licence in NSW and everytime was asked for licence. It amazes me that in Brisbane that they do not do this when doing RBTs.
  18. Oh good.... I thought I was the only one who had this issue.
    I really hate the SWAT peoples.
  19. This story pales into insignificance when compared to the pursuit car that was crushed by a log truck down near Mt. Gambier several months ago.

    Dickhead cop decided to do a U turn and pursue a speeding motorist but failed to notice the Log truck behind him.

    The prime mover went over the bonnet of the car crushing it and dragging it 180 deg. before the rear was crushed by the wheels of the trailer.

    An aquaintance happened to be driving not far behind and was early on the scene to see one very nervous (and lucky) cop sitting on the ground by the roadside.

    The road was blocked off for most of the day and the story never made it to the media but there has to be some mobile phone pics or digi pics out there somewhere.

    Cops really hate it when they stuff up it would seem.
  20. I hope our SA man/woman gets away!! :)