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Motorcyclist hits fatal spot

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by scooter, Oct 20, 2005.

  1. Motorcyclist hits fatal spot

    October 19, 2005

    A MOTORCYCLIST was airlifted to hospital with serious injuries after an accident at Moonlight Head yesterday in the exact spot another motorcyclist died last month.

    Police officers who attended the accident blamed the poor road surface and potholes for the accident. Senior Constable Roger Gurrie, of Lavers Hill police, said a Sydney man had lost control of his motorcycle while negotiating a left-hand bend about 500m west of Moonlight Head.

    "He has lost control due to the poor road surface and veered across the road and sideswiped a car," he said. The 49-year-old man then struck a guardrail and flew over the top but stopped just before an embankment.

    "It was a fairly big drop. He was very lucky," Senior Constable Gurrie said.

    Three Sydney women travelling towards Lavers Hill were uninjured.

    One of them ran to the man's aid immediately after the accident and called 000.

    Senior Constable Gurrie said he had attended dozens of accidents on the 17km stretch between Lavers Hill and Lower Gellibrand.

    "I call it my hell," he said.

    He said VicRoads was aware of the road's condition. VicRoads representatives did not return calls from The Standard yesterday.

    "This was the exact same position as the fatal a few weeks ago," Senior Constable Michael Lee, of Timboon, police said.

    The man was airlifted to The Alfred hospital and was in a stable condition.

    From the Warrnambool Standard Website.

  2. That stretch of road should be heaven to ride on, but the road surface is absolutely disgraceful.

    It's one 30km/h turn after another on some reasonably steep gradients, in the middle of some very damp forest and prone to dense fog... And there's massive potholes, cracks and other surface damage on just about every corner.

    No wonder people are dying there, every time I ride up that way I swear under my visor for the whole stretch, it's treacherous.
  3. Yes loz the GOR is seriously stuffed, and in dire need of some major refurbishment.

    Can't see it happening anytime soon though, far easier to just keep on reducing speed limits, than actually fixing any road defects.
  4. So this is our $50 levy at work, the basturds should be held accountable for this accident or to be truthfull I would call it a death ride and no accident if the road condition is that bad. Maybe they Vicroads people will sign post the road today stating the conditions.
  5. Maybe they're doing the same thing to this road that our RTA have done with the Royal National Park road; neglecting it to discourage people from using it! Cynical, but true. They want the road to be used only by residents. And if the green lobby had their way, the park would be closed to all vehicle traffic.
  6. At least the cops are clear on the fact: "He has lost control due to the poor road surface" - instead of blaming the rider for being a "hoon" as so many others would have done.

    Still, the fact remains that this is a well-known bikers' road and it has been in a seriously dangerous and deteriorating condition for at least the best part of a year... And clearly nothing has been done about it.

    Surely the $50 levy, if spent on any road in the state, should be spent on the GOR. Ask any Victorian non-motorcyclist where all the bikers go to ride.
  7. The following is my understanding and can be completely wrong.

    He is now able to sue VicRoads for failing to provide a suitable road surface. VicRoads is not responsible for the first report of an unsuitable road surface, but once informed and they do not act, they are legally liable.
  8. first of all, I wish the man a quick recovery

    secondly, I wish him the conviction to SUE THE CRAP out of VicRoads. He will prob need legal advice, but this sounds like he'd have a case against them. Can you imagine the precedence that it would set ???
  9. OK. Here is my proposal: lets all put in $50 each to make an ad on prime time TV showing what a bunch of caring people those f...wits from the government are. Actually, I'll put in $100 towards that!!!
  10. the gov. would probably just put a speed camera up to increase safety........yeah right!
  11. You can all grizzle about the condition of the GOR all you like but I like it just the way it is thankyou very much (and this is from someone who dropped their bike due to water running accross the road) It is a road, not a racetrack. You have to ride to what you can see. Hell, I've lived down this way for many years & it can still catch you out. The best way to ride it is to do it twice -on the same day. Then you have a bit of an idea where the problem spots are. Just my humble opinion anyway. And like I said, its caught me out too, but I'm not going to blame everyone & everything else for it
  12. Yeah I don't see what everyone is complaining about, I rode the GOR only a few weeks back and thought the condition of the road surface was far better than any of the roads I normally ride on - you need to adjust your riding to suit the road, not complain the road doesn't suit your riding.
  13. Nup not good enough in my book when you've got a 100kmh zone with 30k posted hairpins that are full of ruts and potholes on all the turning points.

    Particularly when you're coming off a section of road where a 30 sign means 60 to 80 is a realistic cornering speed.

    I agree you've got to ride only as fast as you can see, but even at posted recommended speeds, that section in the bush west of Lavers Hill is bloody dangerous in my book - which is backed up by the number of stacks that happen there.
  14. Yeah I'm sure the Government is going to respond well to the argument that "the road needs to be fixed becuase it's dangerous for me to travel at twice the advised limit :roll:". More likely they'll just continue to lower the speed limit (one section's already down to 80kph) and put up more warning and advisory signs to cover themselves legally when someone crashes - it is after all the cheaper option. Be nice if they did fix the road but there's a lot of others around the state that need fixing too.
  15. I don't give a rats about the state of the road. I just don't want to pay an extra $50 a year for something that doesn't get fixed.