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Motorcyclist first to die on NSW roads –Operation Slowdown

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by twainharte, Oct 2, 2006.

  1. "...Motorcyclist first to die on NSW roads –Operation Slowdown

    30 September 2006

    Police hold grave concerns about actions of motorcyclists after one rider died and two others were caught travelling at twice the speed limit in separate incidents across the State yesterday.

    A 45-year-old man from Eraring died last night when his 1996-model Suzuki struck an Armco railing while being ridden north along Cessnock Road at Awaba about 6.10pm.

    He was the first person to die on NSW roads during the Operation Slowdown October long weekend road safety campaign.

    In other incidents Sutherland Highway Patrol officers were travelling along the Princes Highway in an unmarked police car about 5.40am yesterday when they were passed by a
    2003-model Suzuki 1000 allegedly travelling at 186kmh in the 90kmh zone.

    Police stopped the rider, a 38-year-old Heathcote man, and confiscated his licence on the spot.

    In the second incident, police from Fairfield Highway Patrol were conducting LIDAR duties on Victoria Road at Wetherill Park, about 6.30am when they detected a motorcyclist allegedly travelling at 137kmh in a 60kmh zone.

    The 22-year-old man from Oakhurst, riding a 2006-model Triumph Daytona, also had his licence confiscated for speeding and driving recklessly or furiously. He is due to appear in Liverpool Local Court on 18 October..."


  2. Ya gotta give'em points for trying, 'cos they sure don't get any for brains.

    Sad to hear about the Hunter Valley accident, though. No mention of speed so maybe there were other factors involved :cry:
  3. I drove past the scene of the hunter accident today and have no Idea of the exact circumstances of the incident, but there is a couple of road intersecting onto Cessnock rd, one of which was where the accident happened with the bike impacting the rail lining the corner of the intersection, pretty much T-boned. The speed limit in the area is 90km/h. Less than 10 minutes from where he lived......

    To family and friend, we are sorry for your loss....

  4. It's always sad to read about fatalities, and more so for us, I suppose, when you hear that it's one of us.

    Onto the other incidents, what's this charge of "riding furiously"? How does that work, (at the risk of asking a silly question)?

    As for confiscating the riders' licences on the spot, I'm not sure that I can sit happily with that. Usually we get to have our day in court. At least here in Vic you have 28 days to either challenge the charge or to commence the suspension period. Sort of goes with the concept of "innocent til proved guilty"...
  5. with the amount of media coverage regarding double demerits, police targetting speed etc on the long weekend.....how silly would you have to be?

    feel sorry for the fatal though :(
  6. It's the exact same charge as "drive in a manner dangerous". The way the charge is written, there is about three or four words to describe the way you were drving, and they delete all but the most appropriate.

    :( It's been about five years since I got that one :roll:
  7. A very sad day indeed for the family of the rider considering that he was very close to his home when the acco happened.
  8. Wonder how many unlicensed drivers, vehicles with bald tyres, and people who don't indicate have been caught by Operation Slowdown ^_^

    Thank God our roads are safe now they took those motorcyclists' licenses away.
  9. Don't you know Ktulu, speeding is the only thing that kills on out roads, it has nothing to do with unsafe drivers. :)
  10. Unlicenced and unsafe vehicles go hand in hand. It's the attitude. And catching unlicenced drivers does nothing, as evidenced by the fact they are driving unlicenced in teh first place!
    Perhaps jail time/home detention would make them wake up. That's what it took to wake up the tool I used to work with (he'd been fined and suspended twice in two years).
    Problem is these days, they lay on some sob story about needing a licence for work/to get to work. Well, should have thought of that first eh?
    As for being caught speeding on double demerit weekends, well, there's no other way to put it but dumb.........you can complain about the pointlesness of targetting speeding, but at the moment, that's the rules of the game, conform or lose licence.
    Perhaps some day, things will change, but as long as speed cameras are such great revenue raisers, don't hold your breath.
    And Cessonck Rd is not inherently dangerous, it is a little bumpy in some corners, but to get into trouble, well, serious speed would be a factor. There are lots of animals about at the moment though.

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. It'd be nice to read about "Operation Focus", aimed at persuading people to actually pay attention to what they're doing. :evil:
  12. Re: Motorcyclist first to die on NSW roads –Operation Slowdo

    For sale, as new Triumph Daytona, hardly used, must sell as going overseas. First to see will buy.
  13. "Police hold grave concerns about actions of motorcyclists after one rider died and two others were caught travelling at twice the speed limit in separate incidents across the State yesterday. "

    That could read that one rider died travelling at twice the limit. Of course, this can't be assumed until an investigation is completed. For the police media unit to lumber his fatality under the 'slowdown' operation without the cause of the accident being confirmed is very unprofessional.
  14. Never let the truth get in the way of a good story...
  15. Maybe they should do the same for armed robbers or murderers of they are caught in the act. "oh, look. That is really bad. You can't do that OK. Now go home and we will let the courts decide if you were actually doind something that would warrant your being in gaol".

    If someone is doing 137 in a 60 or 186 in a 90 there is no question of them driving/riding unacceptably. Any reasonable person can see that(including cops). They are being irresponsible morons and need to wear the consequences.
  16. Martin if the dope is doing 160 in an 80 zone, he IS guilty....... it doesn't need to be proven.

    And since the motorised device is the means whereby he commits his crime, it is an acceptable means of dealing with the crime to confiscate the tools of his trade, surely? (If only to stop him doing it again on the way home, when the usual 'well what worse else could happen?' mentality sets it???)