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Motorcyclist falls down mine shaft & WA tragedies.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by I Adore Vic, Dec 3, 2006.

  1. Just read this:

    Lucky guy.


    And looks like Victoria's not the only place to see some pretty bad, sad biking accidents these past days.


    Take care out there. Some absolute idiots on the roads - woman with cigarette makes me sick.
  2. :furious:

    This has made me so angry. I'll just leave it at that.
  3. wow, thats human stupidity at its best.... :(
  4. And for the inexperienced ones out there, this is why you never stop in the centre of the road at junctions or traffic lights, even if you are absolutely certain you are the only living thing left on the planet.

  5. Where do you stop? I usually ride along and stop in a wheel path. That still won't stop me from being mowed down from behind.
  6. Place thine steed betwixt the horseless carriages of death, good knight!
  7. ...and also:

    Falling down mine-shaft in the bush - odds 700,000:1 - biker: very unlucky.

    Land on mattress at bottom of abandoned mine-shaft in the bush?! - odds forfteengatrillion:1 - biker: no point you or anyone in this COUNTRY buying a lotto ticket for the next... ever.
  8. It depends on the situation. If there is a line of stationary cars at lights, I split to the front, always to the right of the driver, and establish eye contact. If I am the only vehicle, I sit to the extreme left, almost in the gutter. This saved my life one late night in Perth a few years back when a 15yo in a stolen car went straight through the lights at over 100kph in a 60 limit. He missed me by about a meter. Seconds later two police cars also went past. I read in the paper the next morning that he eventually hit a tree, seriously injuring himself and killing his 14yo girlfriend.

  9. Thanks Inci, I'll store that in the "good advice" section of my mind. Up until Friday night, I never split just to stay on the safe side (I got my Ls recently). However, the Monash Freeway was closed at Burke Road and I got fed up of waiting in line so cruised on by in first gear when traffic was stationary. Thanks must go to the chick on the red Hyosung Comet who I copied.

    As for that guy who fell 15m onto a mattress with only a sprained ankle to show for it, it was his lucky day. Three years ago, someone on a nearby worksite fell 7m down a hole and they pulled him out about half an hour later. He didn't make it.
  10. Given all the accident stories that normally get a mention on here because they seem to blame the rider, while you wish like hell that these stories would never have to be written, it is good to see the journalism wasn't selective and the riders weren't made out to be the bad guys. The cigarette incident is the sort of crime that should attract a custodial sentence. No culp driving occasioning death - go straight to manslaughter and do not pass go!

    RIP to those unfortunate enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  11. ^^

    yep!! :cool:
  13. ouch, that looks terrible