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Motorcyclist detected allegedly travelling 200kph

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by goz, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. Motorcyclist detected allegedly travelling 200kph – Bolwarra Heights

    Friday, 24 Jun 2011 05:36am

    A motorcyclist had his licence suspended after police allege he was travelling in excess of 120kph over the speed limit near Maitland yesterday.

    About 5.10pm officers attached to the Newcastle Highway Patrol were conducting speed checks along Flat Road Bolwarra Heights.

    Police noticed a Suzuki GSX 1000 travelling in an easterly direction travelling well above the sign posted speed limit of 80kph. The rider was checked travelling at 200kph.

    Police stopped the 29-year-old East Maitland man and he was issued with a Court Attendance Notice for exceed speed over 45kph and also drive at speed dangerous. Police also issued the man with a suspension notice for his licence.

    He is due to appear in Maitland Local Court on 8 August 2011.

    lol naughty naughty
  2. lol honestly, on a thou in what was presumably 2nd, and he stopped? mate.
  3. He was smart. No point running if you can't get find 3rd....

  4. ... comment? ... better not. Not about what I did today. No, better not.
  5. i instantly thought of the seinfeld episode when he gets caught for speeding and when told how fast he was going replies "you must have got me when I was slowing down because I was going a lot faster than that".
  6. Nice road between Perth and york, on a demo CBR1000F, got pinged for 120 in a 100, was VERY thankful he wasnt hiding behind a tree a couple of K's closer to Perth.

  7. Oops :LOL:
  8. Sorry. I don't get it. He was on gsxr thou, and he was only doing 200???
    Sheila's blouse!
  9. Flat road? Why didn't they just call it spank me road and be done with it?
  10. he was stuck in 2nd!!!

    oh... someones already said that.

    as you were.
  11. LoL

    sorry, shouldnt laugh ;)
  12. I commented on the story a couple days ago on the newspapers site, and for some reason they didnt post it! :(.
    'Yeah, thats what happens when you buy a suzuki. They keep getting stuck in second gear!'
  13. But, it's a GSXR. Second only to the R1 in straightline speed and the inability to corner...
  14. Is that a park the bike and walk home / call a mate to ride your bike home type of offence. Or do they let you ride home if you promise to be good??
  15. It's a lock you up and throw away the key type offense.
  16. and bend over and take it hard you naughty, naughty boy type offense