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VIC Motorcyclist clocks 173km/h in Melbourne's southeast

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by FastR1Red, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. Someone made the news this morning.
    Link to story


  2. ".....His motorcycle, a GSKR 600 Suzuki, was impounded under hoon legislation."

    Don't you just LOVE the media ??!!! So happy and proud-as-punch to report yet 'another hoon' but don't help themselves at all in identifying their own ignorance/lack of proper 'research' in getting the name of the bike CORRECT..ffs !

    Poor bugger - still think he may have 'gotten away' had he been on a Litre (y)
  3. At an average speed of 145 he wasn't trying too hard to get away...
  4. Isn't the fact that this clown gives all riders a bad name and rides like a lunatic more of a concern than getting one letter of the model name wrong?
    FWIW, the GSKR label is what was issued by VicPol media. OK, it should have been checked, but the origin of the relatively minor error was with the police. And is hardly the main point of concern here.
  5. gskr 600 huh? since when did suzuki release a lams 600???
  6. The police would have been travelling at 173 KPH to catch up to him,
    It doesnt mean he was going that fast,
    They said the bike was traveling at 140 KPH,
  7. Hoski, woooah...settle down Tiger !
    Yes, of course he gives the rest of us a bad name. If you know him personally then I'd suggest you give him a good clip over the ears, for us all, hey good sport ? Thanks.

    By the way, have you ever ridden/owned a GSKR yourself ? :p
  8. Stuck in 2nd gear.....

  9. Um, I think you were the one getting excited, using bold type, caps and lots of exclamation marks.
  10. I think you're a clown. His behaviour will only give you a bad name if you choose to accept it. As you seem to have taken on his responsibility as your own, you sir are a clown.
  11. Fkn Gisker riders :rofl:
  12. Thanks Chef, words right out of my mouth.

    Hoski, you got me on a 'good' day, lucky you. You wanna play ball ? Bring it !
  13. One would wonder if we didn't have such draconian laws regarding speeding and impoundment, the rider would have just pulled over and copped a fine like the good old days. The new laws I think make wanting to be pulled over less of an option and doing a runner moreso
  14. Guys hoski is entitled to his view,
    Hoski don't judge others until you judge yourself, the level of reporting in newspapers is something we here always have a go at.
    I can't find anywhere in the article where it actually states the rider clocked 173 kmh, just the headline and the first line which states that the pursuit reached speeds of 173, looks like it was the cops hitting that speed to catch up
  15. does not make sense.

    people who don't ride will look at this and presumably paint the rest of us with the same brush- "oh, there's another one. they're all hoons!"

    and you wonder why cops scrutinize us.

    interesting statement.

    when was the good ol' days you speak of?

    is doing a runner really directly correlated to new laws? bit of a stretch, eh, smee?
  16. 173kmph - pfffft is that all ?

    Goz does that leaving his driveway
  17. this could just be the result of someone's lousy handwriting, to be fair.....

    as for riders and drivers doing a runner, I don't think that's anything new; an uncle of mine was a motorcycle cop in the 60s in the Sutherland shire and he used to tell lots of stories of people who refused to stop when required to.....
  18. twainharte,
    Mate, I'm hearing you, as I did with Hoski (though he had a 'different' way of expressing his point). Yes, it definitely does paint us all with the same brush, but I'd hate to say this is the 'brainwashing' that's going on in our society, labelling us ALL as 'hoons', even when we're doing 'the right thing' on the road.

    The amount of cars I almost get taken out by on a daily basis, when I'm riding sensibly & responsibly is numbing. I don't want to use this opportunity to harp on the arrival of my GoPro group-buy vid camera, but seriously, its arrival is much anticipated.

    It's the society we live in. We either do as we're supposed to & follow speed limits ; ride responsibly, maturely, safely etc etc (whilst still being branded as 'hoons' nonetheless) and threatened of being run down by the idiotic cagers on the roads who themselves do not abide by road rules or do as everyone else seems to do - ONLY slow down when a police vehicle is in sight (does this sh*t you all to tears as well ?!). Either way, we're doomed.

    The amount of mobile phone users, lane changers (without headchecks) and speeding egomaniacs in their cagers (the ones who 'need' to tailgate and pass me, when I'm sitting even 5km/hr over the limit to distance myself) puts us all at risk. But no, these offenders aren't labelled as 'hoons', are they ?

    I was on the Eastern Freeway ~ 1 week ago, about 1km in from the Bulleen/Thompson Rd entry ramp, when I saw a cop on a bike, intercepting me (rapidly) from behind. He then sat in my blind spot (nice one !), checking on my speed. How can it NOT be considered as 'harassment' or 'targeting riders' with cars ahead of me pulling away (ie speeding) ??? He must have sat on my tail for ~ 1/2 minute and only pulled away from me when I clearly turned around to the left and looked at him, meaning to say 'Kind Sir, why don't you run off and pull over any one of those 20 cars ahead that are rapidly pulling away, us here at 100km/hr ?!!!'

    Legislation in this State is making us turn against one another, exactly what they want. The good ol' 'Divide & Conquer' mentality. Even the most successful major companies/corporations adopt this strategy amongst their employees by eg, paying some (under same contract) more, issuing more annual leave to 1 of 2 employees who commenced employment on the same day etc etc. They see us fighting amongst each other like cats and dogs...and they love it !

    Cops will scrutinise us regardless mate. Sure, the above GSKR :D rider didn't do us all any favours, but it will never change their mentality against us. A friend of mine, ex-copper (who still think he's in the force) has singled us 'solo' riders as dangerous, irresponsible and a menace to society. We've known each other since the age of 16, and is fully aware of my upbringing, caring and responsible nature. Brainwashing can be a very powerful tool.
  19. Nickers - its divide and conquer
  20. Nope not at all it happens and you can read that logic in a lot of car and bike forums as well.