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Motorcyclist clocked at 134 in a 50 zone

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by jd, Sep 29, 2005.

  1. Taken from the Ballarat paper:
    A MOTORCYCLIST clocked at 134kmh in a 50kmh Sebastopol shopping zone has gone to ground.
    Ballarat Traffic Management Unit police detected the south-bound rider on Albert St about 2.30pm yesterday.
    The rider evaded a police pursuit, but TMU Senior Sergeant Murray Rowe said police had a suspect.
    "We will follow the matter up in the near future," Sen Sgt Rowe said.
    "We will give him the opportunity to surrender himself at 4pm today."
    Sen Sgt Rowe was astounded at the high speed, especially as it was only a day after a four-year-old girl lost her life in tragic circumstances.
    He said the speed was particularly dangerous in a busy shopping precinct with pedestrians and other motorists.
    "Where do you draw the line?" he asked.
    "Yesterday a little kid loses her life, and it's a great tragedy.
    "Are we talking to deaf people or stupid people?
    "Maybe they can't read, maybe they can't comprehend these road safety messages.
    "Is it all in vain?"
    Sen Sgt Rowe said police had spent a lot of time and money developing partnerships to lower the road toll, but reckless risk-takers threatened the lives of those doing the right thing.
    "We spend a hell of a lot of time trying to keep people alive," he said.
    "September has been a bad month, we've had a horrific time on the road, and Christmas is only three months away.
    "I am pleading with all motorists to take care and concentrate.
    "Don't think it can't happen to you."

  2. A good article .. balanced reporting and fair comments from the police officer. All targetted at the actions of this one moron and not attempting to say all motorcyclists are bad or ride like that.
  3. What's the bet he's a repeat offender, probably unlicensed, or disqualified, with other criminal or civil matters in his past or outstanding? And what's the bet all this will not be mentioned when he's caught (which he will be, since the police obviously know who he is)
    It's called sanitised law-enforcement; less about justice and all about image.
  4. ditto
    i hope i get one of those next time instead of a ticket :p :LOL:
  5. Poor bugger must have been stuck in second gear :shock:
  6. Worst part about this story is the fact that the 50 zone in question only exists for a 100 metres or so either side of a roundabout :shock: .
  7. Wait i second jd... i havent heard you deny that it was you yet! :p
  8. :LOL: No it wasn't me, couldn't ride the other day on account of the fact I decided to wash my helmet liner and jacket and needed to wait for them to dry.
  9. He WAS in top!!
    ...'twas a CT110 :LOL:
  10. Somehow I don't think the person will surrender, if they said they would drop the speed down too 75km/h then maybe they might see the person. :shock: I am guessing they don't know who the rider is. :eek:
    Bit stupid that speed in a built up area. But I am sure we have all done it at one stage.
  11. Sure, little twist of the throttle in 2nd and ya there... Hard to resist sometimes, we dont ride these bikes to go slow.

    Just gotta try remember theres a time and a place i spose.
  12. 134 in a 50 zone. I think you might be in a minority there.

    We've all gone a bit quicker than is allowed at times, and I *might* have done sixty or seventy over the limit at some point, but not in a 50 zone with a roundabout in the middle of it in a shopping centre at 2.30 in the afternoon! sheesh!

    An instance where confiscating the bike and locking up the rider might be in order.
  13. Really wasn't referring to the exact situation of the person in Ballarat, there is so many 50 zones now it's not funny, but a quick squirt on the throddle and 135 km/h is only 2 or 3 seconds away. Should have explained myself a bit better the first time. :)
  14. Ha, love it!!!!!!!!! :LOL:
  15. Indeed. This kind of bluff is a common tactic for Victorian Police. A friend of mine had a detective try a similar bluff on her when the safe was robbed at her place of employment. They told her they had video footage, and that they would be more lenient if she admitted that she took the money (which she didn't, of course). She called the bluff, asking to see the video, which is when they ended the interview. :p
  16. I'm fairly certain that would have been the end of the launch and not a sustained speed; like when you take off from the lights and get a little excited because someone in a ute wants to race. You know how you look down and think "140, bugger." and drop back to the speed limit.

    I mean, something like that shouldn't count.
  17. If you're dragging in that kind of location though, I reckon you deserve to be booked, really. Save it for the highways, at least.
  18. The point was that it probably had more to do with over-enthusiasm than a real desire to lose his license.

    And aren't you too old to be riding Tenoq? Sense of humor seems a little worn out.
  19. Well, where I live, all of the streets are 50 zones and I 110% agree with that speed limit considering the 'average' persons driving skills, or lack of. Im not saying im Shumaker or Rossi but I can drive well enough to stay out of trouble. There is a main road that is a 50 zone that has two lanes and has two massive soulders on either side. There is a section about 300m before my turnoff that has parkland both sides, im sure I have topped 130 in my car there a few times late at night but only for a moment before braking hard down to the limit again. Im an idiot I know but I would never try that during the day when kids and other drivers are around. My two cents

  20. High horses are pretty fun to ride but damn it's a nasty fall.

    It's funny how Joe Public has a chuckle about Ghost Rider tearing up the tarmac, buzzing cars at 100+ kph deltas, but want this tool drawn and quartered. Yes he's an idiot, but who hasn't been? Does he deserve to lose his licence? Yes. Is there anyone on this forum who has never done anything that they would lose their licence for if they were caught? I doubt it.

    I think kettles have a right to call pots black if they recognise they're not so highly polished themselves, but when threads like this pop up we have to be careful not to be hypocrites.

    Just my 2c.