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Motorcyclist carrying a pushbike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ResmeN, Nov 5, 2010.

  1. Was just browsing thru today's Herald Sun when I saw a derogatory article about a motorcyclist carrying a push bike on the Monash freeway in peak hour traffic.

    Can't find the link or pic but if anyone does please post up. The Sun was labelling all bikers and making them look bad.

  2. ...... Oh no!!.... BBQ on a bike take 2...:-s
  3. And that's exactly what the article was stating too.

    The name of the article is "As bikers die fools take risks".
  4. I even called the sun and they said not all their articles get linked online.

    If I still can't track it online I'll scan the article and upload it that way.
  5. As a motorcyclist I found this bit of the article insulting.

    Could Melbourne Motorcyclists get any dumber.
  6. The herald is getting worse for making derogatory comments lately. In one article in referring to a 17 yo geek, there was some comment alluding to him being a virgin and the like.
  7. Guys the herald sun has been running this campaign because of the unprecedented number of riders dying this year, in the middle of this campaign some d1ckhead decides to ride a motorcycle carrying a pushbike.
    Seriously would you as an editor in a newspaper write the story otherwise?
    They are being derogatory because we are our own worst enemy.
  8. Oh no, someone carrying cargo on a motorcycle.

    Stop the fkn world.
  9. The guy was an idiot there's no doubt about that but would they
    write an article with the sentence/statement Could Melbourne motorists get any dumber. I doubt if for good reason.
  10. That sentence was what got my attention the most too. Ok perhaps he shouldn't have carried it but it looked like it was strapped down fine and people carry all sorts of bigger things overseas such as a family of 5.
  11. MV that looks like the pic in your avatar. Do you carry bikes in your spare time : )
  12. Yes there are a few idiots around who happen to ride motorbikes. Just like there a more than a few idiots who drive cars.

    But, how are WE our own worst enemy. How do you propose we stop idiots from being idiots?

    This is nothing more than sensationist journalism, and should be viewed as nothing more.
  13. double posted
  14. I don't disagree with you but when the papers are currently in a lather over motorcyclists doing stupid things and dying do we need another idiot to highlight their case?
    If we were not flavour of the month then it would be treated as a joke much like bbq guy was but currently all the crap about us in the papers is not gonna dissipate if we continue doing things that bring out the ire of these news vultures.
    Letters calling ourselves adrenaline junkies surviving to ride don't help our case as do riders carrying bicycles on a motorcycle in peak hour on one of melbourne's busiest motorways.
    When are we gonna learn???
  15. Who is this "we"??... go preach to them that do!!.... I don't know any riders that do dumb shit like that!... and I haven't seen any riders doing dumb stuff on the roads that I travel on...
  16. Wot, you mean they actually do care? :shock:

    Photo-op ... they'd have run with it anyway.

    Yup. I'd have held it over for National Recycling Week's Big Aussie Swap Party. :p

    Fixed. :D