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Motorcyclist/Bikers/Scooter riders. What does it matter?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pete the pom, May 31, 2005.

  1. I watched this forum for a few months before recently joining because it seemed to be a nice place for people to chat exchange views and make new friends.

    Over the past couple of weeks I noticed there seems to be a lot of friction going on between people on this forum and from other web sites.

    What is going on? We are all motorcyclist and should respect each other no matter what you ride or what your point of veiw is. Motorcyclist are a minority. If we then fragment that minority even more with petty arguments we leave ourself wide open to be pushed around by police and the goverment when they want to rule and regulate our chosen way of life because we do not have a united voice to fight issues.

    Come on all lets be more tolerant to each other. Until we do how can we expect others to except us.

    No matter what you ride or how you dress we should all stick together.

    P.S I wish this site had spell checker. My spelling is bloody shocking
  2. As long as people are different there is always going to be problems.
    It is unavoidable.
  3. ... unless of course, you ride a BMW, HD, Goldwing or anything that has a basket on the front ...

    What if you're naked :?
  4. ... or if you're one of those scooter riding kamikaze pizza hut delivery guys :LOL:

    speaking of which, did anyone catch 'pizza' on SBS last night? :LOL:
  5. Hey pete,

    i suppose people are on this forum for difference reasons... some come to seek advice and opinions, and to learn more about their passion. Some come to socialise and make new friends. Others come for other reasons.

    Personally I am on here because I love bikes and I always want to learn more about them and I want to be abreast of what issues affect motorcyclists. I don't need a club or a group in order to have a bike, and I don't need a bike to fit into a lifestyle. I can just get on it an ride whenever I want, on my own or with a few mates.

    Netrider is great because even if you don't have a bike, you are welcome here. It doesn't matter if you are hardcore rider who lives out of their panniers, or just love taking it out for a coffee on sunny sundays :LOL:, at netrider there's no dress code here...
  6. It's ok, I understand spelling errors. Having groberts around gets you used to reading them all.