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NSW Motorcyclist attacks speed camera van

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by mainstage, Sep 2, 2013.

  1. Someone had an interesting weekend


    Motorcyclist attacks mobile speed camera van
    Posted 6 hours 26 minutes ago

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    MAP: Nowra 2541
    A passing motorbike rider has thrown a rock at a mobile speed camera on the New South Wales south coast.

    Police say the mobile speed camera vehicle was parked on The Wool Road at Nowra yesterday, when a motorcyclist threw a piece of concrete at the vehicle.

    It is alleged the object smashed the windscreen and hit the front passenger seat, narrowly missing the speed camera operator in the driver's seat.

    Police say the 65-year-old driver was shaken, but not injured.

    The motorcyclist was last seen wearing coloured clothing, a dark helmet and tan gloves.

    Topics: crime, law-crime-and-justice, nowra-2541, nsw, australia
  2. What a legend
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  3. Usually i'm against these sorts of things, but given that it's a speed camera...well done matey!
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  4. What a hero. :)

    I suppose a Molotov cocktail would be even better than a lump of concrete, but harder to conveniently carry on a motorbike.

    I must figure out where, on my bikes, I could keep a handy rock.
  5. Old mate has about a day before they find him those things are loaded with CCTV and number plate recognition.
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  6. Is the concrete ok ??
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  7. Yeah but obv he was traveling towards the car so no number plate...
  8. The bloke better not be unidentified because of no FNP.
  9. Maybe a trailbike rider. Came in from the side.
  10. Would that make them burn better? :)
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  11. So what the rock went through the windscreen? Sounds like bullshit to me, unless he threw a boulder at the car or was doing 300+ at the time.
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  12. As a 6 year old my brothers made me spin around really fast with a rock in my hand and let go. The Rock went straight through our cars side Window. Yes windshields are tougher but not that tough.
  13. Unfortunately it's "Motorcyclist attacks mobile speed camera van". If it were a person in a car, it would be "Mobile speed camera van attacked".

    I don't condone violence, nor destruction/damage of public property (the tax payers of NSW will have to pay for the damage after all...). Unfortunately it's things like that which give all motorcyclists a bad reputation in the eyes of some members of the public.
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  14. What a dumb fcuk.
  15. Side windows are nothing compared to a windshield unless they are laminated on both sides / tinted.
  16. Pissing on an ants nest comes to mind. Usually followed up by an unpleasant experience. Lol
  17. Probably depends most on the angle of impact rather than velocity. Any angle and the rock would skip off. A rider would be able to get a pretty close to perpendicular angle on impact throwing down on the shield. I don't think it would be impossible. But none the less an impressive throw.

    Still I shouldn't condone it. We get it pretty sweet in NSW with regards to cameras given they are all sign posted. You've got to be blind thick and stupid to get caught by one. The kind of people who I wouldn't miss to much if they lost their license. Less automated systems means more cops on the road.
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  18. The Wool Road. Didn't know they had mobile cameras haunting that one, to much of a retirement village for cops to bother. Will be more careful next time.
  19. What an idiot. Hope they catch him.
  20. people have been killed when rocks have been dropped from over passes gone through windscreens and landed in drivers chests, if not from the the rock caving in their chest but then from the resulting high speed accident.

    I look at this in a few ways:
    1. as motorcyclists we get up in arms if say someone moves to block you filtering or opens a car door i.e. trying to harm or kill us for seeming no reason.

    2. We are talking about a 65yo guy who is probably doing this job because it is the only job he can get at his age.

    3. the victim here parks a car and presses a button, He's hardly the devil.

    4. if someone vandalised or put the vehicle out of commission i couldn't care less the fact that someone who is just doing there job could have been potentially injured or killed is another story.
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