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Motorcyclist attacked with acid

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cjvfr, Sep 21, 2013.

  1. Dam for a second there I thought we were talking about "acid" . Oh the 60's
    No words. Hope these idiots get what's coming to them. :(
  3. Hmm.. Not good.
  4. Makes you worry doesn't it. I will always stop for another motorcyclist. It's a warning that just because they are a rider doesn't mean you shouldn't be on guard.

    Be careful everyone.

  5. This appears to be a planned attack... It wasn't a road rage attack..
  6. What the ? My sympathies to the victim , hope that he comes through this ok . Hope the 3 scumbag oxygen - thief a#*holes get caught and dealt with severely !
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  7. Yet Police don't think the victim knew his attackers. No robbery. So what's the motive?

  8. They don't like bikes? I dunno cjvfr...... As you know I've had first hand experience of the "hate" that some people have towards motorcycles... but it wasn't a planned attack like this.. Bizarre indeed.

    Was the victim on a harley or cruiser of some sort?
  9. Story isn't very clear on a few things:

    1. was the rider he stopped to help involved? Says he stopped to help, was pushed down the hill (by who?) and the men pulled up to throw the acid etc... What the bike a plant to get him to stop or just opportunistic?
    2. Why TF would someone do this, let alone a rider do it to say that they don't like riders?
    3. Why did they feel the need to explicitly state that bikies were not involved? Twice? as if that is what would make the most sense?

    Makes me sick I must say.
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  10. Read this on the news site, dreadful.
  11. The article on Vicpol site is better.. @minglis, He was pushed down by the rider he stopped to help.. And then his 3 mates came along in the car.

  12. Insane. Story is crazy enough without another motorcyclist involved.
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  13. Thanks @blackadder. I hope they give details on what type of bike he stopped for. Would be nice to get the warning out about it.
  14. Media releases and news reports vague on facts.
    No point speculating as it won't change what happened.
    There could be some history between the people it could be just random fcukedheadedness (yes it is a word).
    Until more facts come to hand everything else is pointless waste of precious internet space.
  15. From News.com.au site:

    Witnesses told police that shortly before the attack, one of the group had told the victim "we don't like bikies around here". Police are appealing for any witnesses to come forward.

    Hmmm - time to point the bone at the organisation who created this monster in the first place. That organisation which targets OMC's and creates fear within the community.

    We saw this coming - I hope someone makes that organisation accountable for their tactics - that created a result like this one....
  16. Because people couldn't hate all on their own could they ?

    Always got to have someone else to blame.
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  17. I just saw this on news.com and hoped someone here would have some kind of reasoning because I'm still stuck in the "What The Eff" stage.

    And the time of day.. I mean, I could almost see men getting into such a lather after an elongated drinking session then going out... but on Saturday morning?
  18. Anybody that throws acid deserves to be strung up by the balls and dunked in it an inch at a time.