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Motorcyclist arrrested over speed camera attack

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by waedwe, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. Hmm...an unrider who happens to be carrying a hammer around for some reason.

    This may be a noble figure, conducting some sort of Robin Hood like resistance against injustice and oppressive authority.

    On the other hand, a little voice in the back of my head keeps niggling that there's just a slight chance that he might be a violent wanker with an anger management problem and a tendency towards various degrees of illegal acts.
  2. Sounds like a loose cannon. I have to ask why, if his trail bike had no number plate as described in the article?

    Any way, I have no sympathy for the speed camera he destroyed, but the guy in the car was just doing his job, that is a very over the top response. :?
  3. I'm actually surprised this isn't happening more often, or maybe it just isn't being reported.
  4. could of been a red sports bike and a shotgun!

    But meh, everyone has the right to be safe at work. Want to bust up the camera, ask the guy to hop out first. If he's normal he'll probably leave the door open for you to have a better go at it.
  5. i found it odd that he had no number plate and so wouldn't have got fined yet still turned round and came back to attack, he definitely wont be accepted into mensa anytime soon
  6. A bloke got Prison, for a similar attack, in Melb recently.
  7. Fabulous.
    Should be more of it.
  8. Buy that man a beer.
  9. Grumpy! you just wish you thought of it.
  10. What kind of c*nt would do that job anyway?

    I've got no sympathy for anyone involved.
  11. The kind with a family to feed and no trust fund.i.e. someone who has to work!

    I'm guessing he doesn't do it for the love of it. We've all gotta earn a living somehow.

    There's always someone who hates your profession.

    Lawyers are scumbags
    mechanics are dodgy theives
    retailers are rip off merchants
    Salesmen are.........not sure there's even a term for them!
    Cops are aholes (until you need help from one!)

    blah, blah, blah
  12. Mans gotta eat. If someone took to me with a hammer for doing my job, I'd be f*cking pissed off.

    Especially seeing as the guy couldn't be identified in the first place :roll:

    It's just a stupid act.
  13. I've had some bad jobs, jobs that most people would consider below them, and am proud of the fact. One thing you would not find me doing however, is backing a Vito van into the bushes behind a cutting, taking pride in hiding a filthy money maker, then sitting there, in the car, all day long, listening to the flash go off and watching person after person get pinged for 10km over, thinking to myself whether or not that person could afford the ridiculous fine out of their family budget, or whether or not that last fine would lose them their licence through points accumulation, possibly losing them THEIR job and their means of feeding their family.

    I can't remember the figures exactly, but it's two or three hundred thousand people in Victoria alone that don't have a licence due to points accumulation from minor infringements. It was being looked at as a risk to the economic health of the state, let alone individuals.

    So no, I don't feel sorry for the prick in the camera vehicle. It's a moot point anyway, he was behind a protective shield within the vehicle.
  14. Yeah, stick it to the man!!! :LOL: *rides off to find nearest speed camera*

    (j/k for all you anal retentive types)
  15. You got that #ss about, it should read, "watching person after person doing the right thing, drive by without ever knowing, or ever going to know, he was there..."

    Because it's the speed camera operators fault that that person chose to speed, right? :roll:
  16. Careful Triway. You're getting into common sense territory there. Can't have that. :wink:
  17. I'm not going there. We've all heard it before.