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Motorcyclist - 102km/h in school zone

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Respi, May 14, 2008.

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  2. The sad part is that this is the sort of thing that gets more airtime than the poor guy who got sandwiched on the Monash freeway this morning...
  3. Very true! But these facts would not be in line with their established view of motorcycles and riders. It does not fit the propaganda model.
  4. No excuses for speeding round the kiddies, ever.
  5. Will of course get lumped into the "all motorcyclists are hoons" category despite the fact that this rider wasn't licensed :evil:
  6. Time for a national campaign to dissuade the use of "motorcyclist" when referring to un-riders.

    Or a campaign to promote the use of un-rider instead of "Motorcyclist". Either or.
  7. Doesn't fit the agenda mate.
  8. Make it fit the agenda.
    And before I hear any more Govt conspiracy crap, the people should and can, (if they get off their apathetic butts), tell any Govt what to do. History is littered with examples of the people getting fed up and "revolting".
    The French,
    The South Africans
    The Victorians... (Jeff)
    The Australian people (Johnny and the Libs)
    We live in a democracy, lets use it!


    Pro pilot, you and the other "naysayers" just go and have a bex and a lie down and get the F$#K out of the road of people trying to do something!
  9. Waste of time.

    Can you see the media using the term un-driver.

    You are labled according to the transport method you use whilst breaking the greed limit.

    A gunman without a licence isnt going to be called an un-shooter now is he???? He is going to be labled a gunman :roll:
  10. Of course there is no agendas in government, politics and industry :roll:

    I deal with associated matters like this on a daily basis.

    Here is an unrelated example:


    All your ranting will do nothing unless you fund key people into portfolios of consequence that follow through with challenging legislation and proposals. Then it still is a climb to enable real change.

    Not sure of your background, but I deal with government, private business and global companies every day, and each and every step is loaded.

    Conspiracy is a term significantly over-used and mistreated by drivers of agendas to attempt dispersement of the facts and real issues. It is also used by those who know the least and have scant knowledge of the facts.

    The real world is complicated and nasty. The balancing force is created by using the opposing groups material or evidence against their own policies.
  11. Yeah, fair point, vic.

    That said... When a car driver does it, they're labelled as a "hoon" or a "street racer" to differentiate them from Good Upstanding Citizens.
  12. Several years working for a large (wink wink) telco on Govt / Defence contracts; (as well as working with Top 10 Global Corporations);
    Two years working for Vic Govt "in house" on the telco rollout / purchasing program, dealing with department heads, external lawyers, the Minister etc;
    and I deal with local Govt daily in my role as a commercial lawyer.
    That do?

    Trust me I've seen as much of the "real world" as you and most people here, including things to this day I seriously cannot talk about.

    I'd therefore consider my rant to be an educated one at least.
  13. Good point, it wouldn't sound good on a 15 second "grab".
    Anyone got a better term?
    Seriously, lets coin a term and start using it.
  14. fcukwit has a nice succinct ring to it :grin: .
  15. Unlicensed Road User? (It's generic, can be used for cages too..)
  16. solution , ban all bikes which can do more than 40kph

    then all cars,vans,trucks that can go over 40kph

    the road would be a safer place, right
  17. I agree. No one would miss these people if they were shot in the head.
  18. Conspiracy theories.... :roll: , people are losing site of the fact that this tosser was doing 102kmh through a school zone, kids don't have great peripheral vision at the best of times, what hope would he have had in avoiding a youngster crossing the road or stepping out from a parked car.


    I repeat... 102kmh in a school zone
  19. We could just call them ALL idiots? Could you imagine the media using that?

    "An Idiot was clocked doing over 100km in a 40km school zone"

    You could use the term in many ways...

    They could even apply the description to the Melbourne shootings last night "An idiot fired shots at an officer wounding him in the leg, before he was shot dead"

    Humilliate the bastards!
  20. Apologies if my original comment skewed the intention of the original post, have to agree with the fact that that sort of behavious is ridiculous, dangerous and a whole pile of other names that would probably mean my post would be removed if I said them here.

    Hopefully getting nabbed for it will mean that he won't be doing it again any time soon.