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Motorcycling's vapourware

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by azi, May 5, 2008.

  1. I came across a web page headline "Top 15 Vaporware" whilst geeking out and looking at computer stuff. It got me thinking - the motorcycling industry is full of vapourware!

    I thought I'd start the list of motorcycling's vapourware. Please add your suggestions.

    - Norton revival (V8 Nemesis, Norton USA, you name it...)
    - Indian revival (these two marques must be competing for the vapourware crown)
    - Hunwick Hallam/Harrop
    - Foggy Petronas
    - Morbidelli
    - Laverda Superbike
    - Yamaha V-Max
    - MotoGP race reps (except desmosedici)

  2. Yamaha RD750 or was it 700? Shown at the Tokyo show. Thereafter the FIM okayed the TZ700 for Formula 750 world championship in the expectation of a road going version. At least that's the way I remember it.
  3. Drysdale v8
  4. -Suzuki Stratosphere
    -Yamaha MT-02
    -Sachs Madass 500
    -Cagiva Mito 500
    -Ariel revival (given they couldn't even make up their own mind whether to make a bike with a p-4, supercharged single or electric powerplant)
    -Zongshens 1000cc supersports
  5. Have any companies actually racing in MotoGP other than Ducati expressed a serious interest in road-going GP bikes? And remember, GP bikes must be prototypes, the move to 800cc engines is why Ducati could get away with the D16RR.

    I'm assuming you're making an early call on some vapourware with those? Because it 1 or 2yr old concepts, or announcements less than 12months old are hardly vapourware.
  6. Pretty much. I suspect most of those bikes will either never make production, or wind up being a very watered down version of the original design (like what happened with the B-King).
  7. A bit one threaded but

    Hyosung GT650X (The streetfighter one)
    Hyosung RX450SM (450 single supermotard)
    Hyosung's 1000/1200 engine

    And the finally rarest of all The Hyosung Don'tBlowUp
  8. According to Hyo that's supposed to be out late this year, and should only be 2-3k over the price of the 650. At least that is if Hyosung Australia are to be believed ;).
  9. Triumph Daytona 1050 (or larger) - there's been a whole website (T595dotnet) pretty much devoted that subject for several years!
  10. LAMs in Victoria
  11. It was also due out last year??? And we all know how trustworthy Hyosung Australia are...
  12. Honda NAS.
  13. Similarly the 675 Tiger.