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Motorcycling's great urban myths

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Oct 9, 2005.

  1. Searching the 'Net something entirely unrelated, I again came across the great Australian Urban Myth of the secret stash of WLA Harleys, still wrapped in greasproof wrappings, etc. In this version it was told to an American tourist by an opal fossicker in Coober Pedy....
    Which got me to thinking about what other urban myths surround motorcycling, especially in the Australian scene.......

  2. Well, everyone knows that a rider was killed in the making of Mad Max.

    And, of course, Netrider has its own urban myths...Myth Lil, Myth Flipper and Myth Apriliagirl, for example. I'm theeing my thpeech therapitht tommorrow.
  3. superb for this hour of night, Mark.....
  4. OK, here comes the longest thread in the history of the board...

    ...where do you want to start?

    -Optimax fouls sparkplugs.
    -Race-compound tyres wear out heaps quicker than normal sports tyres.
    -Jap bikes are ready for a full rebuild by 40,000km.
    -Ducatis are ready for a full rebuild by 15,000km.

    Oh, and, I concur. Chairbloke done good with that one.
  5. If my memory serves me well , back a few years in WA ,those bikes where buried under the MCG, so shall we have a netrider dig ?
  6. I'm coming down for the Netrider Dinner, the football season is over and the cricket season has yet to kick off, the timing is perfect!! I'll bring my folding commando shovel! :LOL:
  7. how does a folding commando, use a shovel?
  8. Chairperson, you just got aced! :D
  9. At a rough guess i's say you'd have to unfold him

    otherwise he woudn't be able to get much purchase on the shovel to dig would he
  10. Can we put a few people in the hole before we fill it in :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  11. Whats this fill it in rubbish, just think how much more interesting AFL and cricket would be with a rather large hole in the middle of the grounds
  12. Well I support Collingwood and there must already be a hole there, because everytime they play on the MCG they fall in a hole. :oops: :LOL:
  13. That yamaha's (R1's esp) are worth a pinch of siht.
    That honda's are worth more than a dollar a cc.
    That the spur equal to a racetrack.
    That lapping a racetrack is not for YOU
    That you are tuff is you ride a Hardly Dangerous.
    That riding any bike down for coffee makes you a motorcyclist.
    That Wild Turkey on ice is not the best drink ever..... :wink:
  14. You use a commando shovel for Nortons. WLAs came with their own shovel(head).

    Can anyone remember which Suzuki model caused a storm (late 80s? early 90s?) when the press got it into their heads that it was inherently unsafe and was causing accidents? I seem to remember that is was blue and white - maybe a GS something or other?
  15. I don't remember the model. but it had a full fairing with Testa-Rossa style strakes in the side. I think the fuss was just about the 500 - 550 model, as I recall.
  16. Slightly off the topic: Did you ever notice the scene where Goose is leaving a carpark adjacent to the the famous Jools of South Yarra, just before his "accident"? :wink:
  17. Wasnt that Suzi the GS 1000 G? Had bad tankslapers. I know we werent allowed to take home our brand spankin RZ 500 til they put the steering dampner on it. Something to do with the teensy front wheel. God I loved that bike.....
  18. The RF900 and RF600 had the testa rossa styling...

    Like the look of them, I does.
  19. That 2-strokes have vicious powerbands and that if you 'hit' the powerband going round a corner your back will spin-up, break traction and deposit you on your arse...

    That Kawasaki parellel twin 4 stroke 250's are good, reliable bikes...

    That any parallel twin 4 stroke 250 is a good bike for learners...

    That residents of the Kew Boulevard in Melb. put gravel (or ball bearings)on the corners to reduce the boy-racer menace...

    That a Vincent Black Shadow would do 120 mph, its sparkplugs firing every second telegraph pole...

    That speed cameras are important and neccessary for road safety reasons...
  20. Regardless, there's still the odd diesel slop on there.