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Motorcycling Victoria & Eastlink safety video

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Heli, Jan 22, 2015.

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    Eastlink has sent out a video and email to all pass holders, which is just breathtaking in its mediocrity. Appalling hardly describes the wording in the email, and the video just fails on so many counts :(

    MV haven't done themselves any favours here.

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    If it was a thought out campaign then yes MA have not been particularly bright here. I am surprised by this statement:

    As an organisation that represents the sport of motorcycling in Victoria, Motorcycling Victoria has the added responsibility of advocating safety measures that ensure motorcyclists are as safe as can possibly be on our roads,” Mr Wayne Holdsworth, Chief Executive Officer of MV, said.

    I am not aware of any such mandate, in fact their own constitution revolves around motorcycle sport there is no mention of advocacy for the general road riding public.

    ETD: I see what you mean HeliHeli the video give no strong message, seems to be a mismatch of incidents without a common theme. Very poor.
  3. Motorcycling Victoria have northing to do with this .why after all theses years they start commenting on road riding issues . We need to jump on the facebook page and advice them to STFU and leave it to the VMC
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  4. Good idea, I put in my two cents worth earlier https://www.facebook.com/motorcyclingvic
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  5. Watched that stupid vid, I was alarmed by how much attention that pizza box or whatever it was got, but I'm hardly surprised.
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  6. Can't let a good pizza go to waste, someone might want to walk into the road to fetch it!
  7. Using ariderslife footage pretty much sets the tone.......
  8. Ok, so it pretty much just shows us what we see every day.
    Great, add it to the learner drivers informational videos to watch.
  9. Hmmm I posted about this in another thread

  10. Although it's not very useful, I was expecting something worse from the comments above before I watching it.
    The main failing is that it does nothing to provided real solutions to PTW trauma. The main message seems to be 'obey the laws and you will be safe'.
    Which the footage itself contradicts.
    I suspect MV have been pressed to accept VicGov patronage and that this campaign is the price exacted.
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  11. They have removed the video and all associated comments, at about 9am this morning (Friday).
  12. They must have put it back again after removing it last night. Gutless curs.
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  15. arghhhh I see or rather I didn't. Cheers

    PS Great photo last night
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    I sent this to Motorcycling Victoria

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am writing to express my disapproval of your partnership with Eastlink to spout unsubstantiated propaganda.

    1: You have no mandate to speak on road safety.
    2: Your constitution does not permit you to speak on these matters.

    Stay out of Rad Safety matters it is not your purview, you represent Track and Sporting interests so stick to that. I feel that your interests will not be served by involving yourself in a poorly conceived and implemented undertaking with Eastlink.

    Yours in Annoyance

    Chris .....

    and for the Eastlink Dingbats Through their feedback form http://www.eastlink.com.au/enquiry.aspx

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am writing to express disapproval at the the recent arrangement you have with Motorcycling Victoria and the subsequent poorly shot and implemented video Two Way Street.

    1: Motorcycling Victoria has no mandate to speak on rad safety matters, their purview is Motorcycle sports.Their constitution makes no provision for them to speak on road safety.

    2: The video is poorly shot, lacking clear direction or message and appears to be the work of a 12 yo media student. It is a pointless exercise that only irritates motorcyclists and presents a incompetent image for your company.

    3: I provide you no permissions to email me on my Eastlink account for the purpose of your little junkets. The contact ability is for matter related to my account only. As such you are in breech of the Australian Spam Act 2003 as I provide no Express or Inferred consent. This renders your company liable for up to $1,000,000 per incident in fines. I have reported this matter to ACMA and the Australian Federal police.

    Yours in Annoyance
    Chris .......
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  17. I received this reply back from Motorcycling Victoria, no response from Eastlink yet. I will give them a couple of days and then prod them.

    Quoting Wayne Holdsworth


    Your email of 23rd January is duly noted and we acknowledge it's content.

    We will be working on establishing a strong relationship with the
    Motorcycling Council here in Victoria in our combined legitimate
    endeavours to improve safety.

    Thank you

    Wayne Holdsworth
    Motorcycling Victoria

    To which I replied

    Dear Wayne,

    Thank you for your email. It does not address the salient points though.

    1: Motorcycle advocacy works best if there is a clear consistent message from the stakeholders. Unilateral actions are damaging to the cause of promoting motorcycling and motorcycling safety.

    2: The VMC is the appropriate body to make statements on road safety. If you wish, then make joint statements.

    3: Your constitution "Objects of Company" do not allow for you to be involved in road safety matters. To do so you will need to modify and re-issue your constitution. Acting outside your constitution renders your directors and company subject to penalties under the Corporations Act 2001.

    I hope you understand and take these points.

    Yours Sincerely
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  18. Pow!! CJVFR!!

    I can confirm that the VMC sent MV some correspondence very shortly after the release went out, and to their credit, they responded positively to.

    For the record, we were looking at developing a working relationship with Paul Bray, previous CEO of MV, but then he left. We hadn't yet caught up with who had landed the new gig. From all accounts, Wayne Holdsworth is a very savvy cluey bloke with a lot of respect around the traps. It will be interesting to get some back story on this "hook up" with Connect East and VicPol.
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  19. Talk about hitting a bullseye! Pow, right in the kisser!

  20. Perhaps the good folks at MV have been watching too many Russian traffic clips on Youtube.