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Motorcycling specific excercises/training?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by MV, May 13, 2009.

  1. So, I go to the gym a couple of times a week, & last night it occurred to me that I could kill two birds with one stone, so to speak, & do some exercises that will not only see me get fitter, but also increase my riding stamina & posture while riding.

    The obvious ones I have been doing is lower back & stomach excercises, as well as general arms & chest stuff, is there any other anyone can recommend? I did a search & looked in Motorsports & Racing, to no avail...

    Thanks In advance!
  2. I really don't see why you need to do more than you are doing already. unless you plan on racing.

    But the lower back and stomach are probably the main ones. Shoulders and wrists would be another.

    for all round flexibility maybe some yoga and pilates. I do this because I have lower back and hip issues.
  3. im gonna take a guess and say squats.
    lots of squats.

    my thighs (quads and hami's i think) get pretty sore after a big day in the hills, with all the weight shifting, and holding weight whilst shifted.
  4. I do weight trainning..... lifting beer bottles
  5. I find getting off my arse is all i need.
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  7. Get plenty of practice at taking your wallet out of your pocket and handing enormously heavy wads of cash to everyone you meet.

    It'll hurt at first but, eventually you'll either get used to it or run out of cash so the wads get lighter.

    Or, if you end up with a Ducati, you'll have the urge to go the powerlifting route with bigger and bigger wads, so you may need to include pointing firearms at bank staff and then running really fast in your training regime.
  8. When in doubt, squat. If you want cardio, squat light and fast, forever. :p
  9. Also, if you can't do proper good form squats in a standing position, try doing it with your back up against a wall.
  10. No plans for racing, but I have at least one 850km day trip on the horizon!

    Squats, good one, didn't think of that.

    Just looking at that article now Tony, looks good.

    (I can see a Ducati in my future, that's a scary thought what with the bank robbing & all!)
  11. I've found giving gorgeous brunettes fabulous massages helps develop hand and finger strength, which reduces grip fatigue on the bike.

    + rowing machine for lower back.
  12. I lift schooners. Works for me.
  13. This is my exercise regime. I do squat.
  14. Squats



    If you do it right you will feel worse riding a couple of days after training. If you don't do it right you won't be sore in which case what's the point. Eat Nacho's instead.
  15. + 1 : definitely.

    Helps with all the dry clutch actions on the Ducati.

    Squats are great if you are going to do lots of corners. This becomes particularly evident after riding a full day at the race track. :)
  16. What is deadlifts?

    Lifting schooners never worked for me, I usually end up in a worse state!
  17. I used to get sore shoulders and neck after blackspur runs.

    so i started doing bench press

    and after trackdays, my inner tigh aches like hell especially the part near the inside on the knee...squats kinda works, but not totally
  18. It's either:





    Picking up the bar (with weight) from the floor and standing up. Think along the lines of picking up a tv from the floor.

    Squats and deads split the men from the boys.
  19. sex with strangers. :grin:

    eye exercises help lots. specific exercises for deverloping peripheral vision (ie looking at a wall, keeping focus on the centre while moving your attention round the outside line of the floor, wall ceiling), will help with speed and safety.

    Yoga. As someone who loves adventure sports (rock climbing, surfing, downhill mountainbike) you don't need to be bulked up as much as flexible and pliable and fit to do these well.
    Your body will more easilysurvive severe trauma if you are bendy, and i know when i was choppered off mt keira years ago after a mountain bike accident the doctors all told me if i wasn't that flexible things wouldve been worse. as it is i only spent 6 months in a brace, which is much better than the alternative(paraplegia, quadraplegia, death.)
    Sorry if all this is morbid but when it comes to exercises for the motorbike i do think in these terms.
  20. do a real man sessions of


    ukranian deadlifts (build strenght better and faster then traditional deadlifts) then do a normal deadlift to guage results


    military press


    bent over row's

    finish off with some sprints or farmers walks