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Motorcycling organ donor campaigner, 'John the Baptist', died in motorcycle accident

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by smileedude, May 4, 2012.

  1. A sad story.

    I had a friend pass away young and the only saving grace was that his organs went to 7 different people.

    RIP John you were doing good work.


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  2. Very sad indeed. An great tragedy, particularly given the previous loss of his daughter and his amazing response to it. I did not know him personally.

    I wonder how his good work can be continued. After all, we motorcyclists may be ones to benefit, or to offer.

    I had an off recently but am fine. However, it could have easily been worse. I could have needed lifesaving help, or been able to donate my organs. I have made that election already.

    What about others here?

  3. I think they now put a "D" on your drivers Licence to permit them instant action whilst yer bits are still warm. Great Idea. Just contact your local RTA, VIC Roads or whomever. But sure worth doing.
  4. sad news to hear, although i had not met him. RIP.

    Organ donation should be mandatory to not be a doner is a most selfish thing, your not going to be around to miss any of your spare parts and you could seriously save someones life.

    I guess too many people let their invisible friends in the sky tell them not to tick the box.
  5. I think most invisible sky friends are quite positive on organ donation. It's not really a religious thing but a selfishness thing.
  6. Sad to hear about a normal human being doing a very unselfish act, (as mentioned above) after his families tragedy with the loss of his daughter.
    I have carried my organ donor card in my wallet for a couple of decades, fully agree with 'recycling organs' thats how I contribute, dont know what others do..
  7. i was under the impression that the major religions dont allow it?

    apologies in advance if not the case.
  8. One of the few true men.

    we as motorcyclists, should all be organ donors.

    Unfortunately it is more than a letter on your license,
    i am not sure of the particulars but you may need to be on an organ donors register,
    also your family can refuse even if you have the papers signed, you must inform your loved ones of your intentions

    sorry guys, there aint no heaven and you aint takin shit with you, save a life!
  9. Thanks for sharing this.....

    FWIW - I got so sick and tired of my mates calling me an "organ donor" or a "temporary Australian" that I now carry an officially government registered organ donor card in my wallet wherever I go.....

    Hey - If I'm done.......doesn't mean any usable part has to go to waste eh?

    Just 'sayin
  10. I think the Jehovah's Witnesses might not (the have a thing with blood transfusions, IIRC). Not a problem with the main Christian ones AFAIK, they don't think you'll need your current body later.

    I actually hadn't been an organ donor for many years. I can't say why, but I just couldn't go that extra step. When I got my motorbike Ls, I said yes and told my wife, who agreed.
  11. I am an organ doner, but my son is not. I accept and honour his wishes. It isn't selfishness; he has certain beliefs and ideas that prohibit his feeling comfortable with the idea. I can't understand it myself, but that isn't important. It's his body to do with as he wishes.

    I respect his decision, even if it isn't the same as mine.
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  13. I have decided to be an organ doner.

    my liver is scrap though. :]

    religion belongs in church, not the real world.
  14. Bugger it! Too many worthy of life people die, while so many arskholes unworthy of it, live on to drag the value of humanity down.

    It's sad world, but this fellah, made a difference, and can truelly 'Rest In Piece'
    Well done John. (never met you, but you were there)
  15. Thanks for posting, I followed up by reading about David, and it prompted me to register for organ donation.
  16. I am an organ doner and told my wife the other day that I wanted 1000% to donate if she is the person at the hospital making the final decision. I have made it very clear that this is extremely important to me.

    And she can burn or bury the rest, her choice.
  17. Now it will be mandatory to add on Facebook if your a organ donor or not, why I don't know when it's on your license, they say it's to spread the message but I reckon it's more of them throwing their weight around, do as I say sort of thing
  18. And a very appropriate story in today's Age on the new Israeli law.

    Registered donors will get priority if they need a transplant (all other things being equal).

    Bedside chat that changed Israel's rules for organ transplants
    Ruth Pollard, Jerusalem
    May 5, 2012

    AS SURGEON Jacob Lavee was preparing to perform a heart transplant on an ultra-Orthodox Jewish patient, they had a conversation that changed the way he thought about organ donation forever.

    The patient confided in him that although he was happy to receive an organ donated by someone else - a heart that would save his life - he would never consider being an organ donor himself.

    ''It was five years ago in our intensive care unit, and he was on the top of the priority list for a heart transplant,'' Dr Lavee said.

    ''He was a very religious man and he candidly admitted to me that although he was waiting for a person to die and their family to give consent for their loved one's organs to be donated, because of his religious beliefs he would never contemplate doing the same.''

    Touched by the unfairness of the deal, Dr Lavee performed the transplant, then set about revolutionising the way Israel manages its organ donation program....

    full story