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Motorcycling, Netrider, and Government

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Removed_User6, Jul 18, 2006.

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  1. Van
    Nice jobs ( classy)

    as for a bike wheelieing , if something like that is taken down from pressure of safety nazis or Political correctness sopporters then thats the last straw.
    this is a MOTORBIKE SITE , were not kids or a goverment dept , we are screwed sensless by the goverment and treated as second class citizens and people want to conform and file in like sheep.

    whilst they dont and wont treat us as equal road users in the eyes of the law and push bike riders have a priority over us why would you want to conform to make them happy.

    I havent heard so much dribble about setting a bad example or portraying a bad image in ages.

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  2. And everyone is entitled to their voice, usually witout persecution.
  3. It isn't dribble, if people want netrider to be taken seriously as a lobby group then the image portrayed is important.

    If you don't care about that and only regard netrider as a social site well it won't matter to you.

    I geuss it depends if you believe more can be achieved by working within the system or more can be achieved by fighting it.

    Personally from what I've seen in lobbying over the last 25 years it is the former, but hey if you want to be Damien Mk II go for it groberts :LOL:
  4. Netrider is NOT a lobby group
    netrider did start out as the voice of the MRAA , connecting riders , getting the word out , but now has taken on its own entity .
    It is a motorcycle site, do you honestly think that anyone would take us less serious because there in a picture of a bloke doing a wheelie on a TRACK on the site.
    The judgement of the site comes from reading the threads , not a picture on the front page .
    Working with the system doesnt allways get results, but it hasnt been a goverment dept that has brought this up its riders here on the site.
    If you allow pettyiness like this soon you will be alowing it within the forums .
    No posting about anything that may be construded as unlawfull or politically incorrect.
    so any thread that has :
    you giving a driver a spraying ( deemed bad for image)
    calling car drivers "cagers" ( not PC)
    aftermarket cans or any other part that doesnt adhere to ADR's
    etc etc

    where are you going to stop ?
    If you think its silly , that is how it starts and then once it gets on a bit of momentum it cant be stopped.

    You cant stand up and be heard if you crumble and conform everytime the goverment or some instatution puts pressure on you , because as soon as you do you are a joke.
  5. So then it won't matter to you and you can leave the mono picture as I said :)

    And you can't jump up and down and scream and expect the government to listen to you because you are trying to back them into a corner and they can't afford to look like that. At best you'll get the opposition on your side (and only because they can see some political milage in it for them).

    Inside lobbying is used by most industry and related bodies for the simple reason that it _works_.

    But like you said it doesn't really matter because netrider is no longer a politically active group... :roll:
  6. No Groberts calling motorists 'cagers' has got nothing to do with PC it just confirms that the person saying it is a wannabe D.Head. :roll:

    Surely you don't use this expression? :?
  7. I hear ya grobby - but I disagree with you on the wheelie photo mate.

    There's a difference between individuals who belong to the site talking about doing naughty things, posting pictures of wheelies etc, and the site itself having pictures of naughty things on its front page.

    Jason and Vic, as well as a lot of other Netriders, get involved in a fair bit of government lobbying, industry discussion groups, that sort of thing. It's serious stuff that has the potential to have legal changes made in our favour. Their generally good standing with these groups relies on a certain image as responsible motorcyclists.

    If the front page has a stunter on it, that's not a real respectable first impression to make. Don't underestimate the effect wheelie photos have on non-biker types.

    Individual members can and should talk about what they like, but the site's current non-confrontational, fairly respectable image helps us to get heard "within the system" and supports real change while we're buggering around breaking the law at every opportunity in our own time. :grin:
  8. I would have thought that viewpoint was so obvious as not to need expanding upon... but it seems I was mistaken :?
  9. So if TAC or Vic Roads or Transport minister said to netrider .
    We dont want any anti-goverment news placed on the site , no pictures of Bikies placed up and only advertisments that promote safety gear or goverment endorsed initiatives or we wont take you seriously or let you sit at the table and have discussions .
    would people sacrafice it to be excepted ?

    lobbying is one one of getting things , but when lobbying fails you have to show strength and numbers but if you are too busy conforming then you dont have that .

    I aggree in part with what you say Loz , but once it starts it cant be stopped.

    what happens if crusty demons were to throw up $4000 per year to be an advertiser / do we not put it up
    or KTM want to put a picture of one of there bikes up being wheelied by one of there riders ?
    do we rufuse them?

    if you are to busy pleasing buericrats then you are not representing riders
  10. Not representing riders Groberts or not representing your personal viewpoint because they aren't necessarily the same thing, different riders will have different views after all. And none of what has been said about cooperative approaches means one cannot take further action if a government or department behaves reasonably.

    But a confrontational approach from the start cuts off the option of a cooperative approach... isn't it better to have 2 arrows in ones quiver rather than one stick?
  11. Since when does a rider on a track in a controlled enviroment doing a wheelie portray the wrong image ?

    now if the picture was on the road thats differant , but where do you draw the line ?

    placing photos up of rallys / protest can be shown as anti-goverment that may jepadize so called relationships. ( see photo in header dated 2 aug - geelong) I was on that it was a funeral for a rider and also a rally to press for more tougher laws (requested by the family at the ride)

    say a photo of a party at HQ , where everyones enjoying them selves and having a drink .
    does that mean we condone drink driving ?

    no it doesnt , its a photo thats all it is a photo .

    when you allow PC to take over you lose your right to free speech .
  12. another header , bikes out the front of a pub ,
    condoning drink driving ?

    riders doing the twisties with his knee down ?
    does that mean we condone ripping through the twisties and lairizing on public roads ?

    no it doesnt , its a photo.
  13. It's a first-impressions thing.

    Personally, I like the wheelie photo.

    BUT... most people would look at it and not know that it was done under controlled conditions etc and assume that it was 'just another stupid rider'.

    I think that's the point people are trying to make.
  14. Thats the point sonja
    If we like the photo whats the issue .

    what happens if we were a car site , no placing up cars with mods on it or a P Plate on it because people will automatically stereo type it and say that we are hoon rice boys ?

    if they choose to stereo type it thats there problem , not ours

    why conform because they "THEY" dont have the IQ to get there head around a simple picture?
  15. I hate to tell you this but Australians don't (and never did have) an unlimited right to free speech...
  16. we do have free speech , its just wheteher you choose to do it .
    If let let people push you around tell you what you can and cant say then no you dont .
    But if you choose to say what you mean and mean what you say and stand by it then you have free speech.
  17. :)

    Nice to see that you at least have mastered the "I don't care what they think of me". I'm years behind. :?
  18. The page looks cool Van. I see your point groberts. If it were a big harley then you would potentially attract more bikies than we probably currently have (just an example, I dont mean to target a type of motorcyclist). I suppose Mouth and Vic should really chip in as they have the final say in how the site is pitched to Joe Public. EDIT: At the same time, you cant keep everyone happy. A sports bike is too sporty, a naked bike is too... well... naked, and so on. Still, the template looks great! Good work Van!
  19. I dont change for anyone sonja
    I am me , They like it or lump it .
    I wont stop wearing black leathers and a vest because ignorant people stereo type me.
    I wont change my riding habits because of some ignorant person wanting to stereo type me .
    If you worry about what everyone else thinks then your not being true to yourself.
    People who know me know I am the same in person as I am on here, The people who have meet me in person who have got to know me will tell you i say it as i see it (whether i am right or wrong ) but i say it straight.
    I am not poster boy for warm fzzy feeling polictical correctness campaign thats for sure :)
  20. I don't know I could be stereotyped.

    I ride a motorbike.
    I work in IT (and even have my own domain server set up at home)
    I will soon be doing ballet again
    I cook (and love it)

    How can you stereotype that? :LOL:

    Thanks for the confidence boost dude. I needed that. :)
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