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Motorcycling Lord dies

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TonyE, Sep 15, 2006.

  1. Fascinating chap... :)
    You'll like him Inci - he flew a Piper

    From The Daily Telegraph (UK)

    The 2nd Lord Strathcarron, who has died aged 82, was probably the only member of the House of Lords to enjoy a parallel career as a motoring journalist; when Labour abolished hereditaries in 1999 he was the longest-serving peer in the Lords.

    Urbane and charming, and cultivating a slightly eccentric air, Strathcarron was an engaging amalgam of Mr Punch, Bertie Wooster and Mr Toad. Clad in full leathers, he rode almost everywhere on two wheels: a scooter in town and a high-powered motorcycle for motorways. His array of machinery over the years included a BMW shaft-drive 750cc twin, a well-tuned 350cc single cylinder Velocette and a 1,000cc in-line BMW monster capable of speeds of up to 130mph.

    Strathcarron used his seat in the Lords to support and promote motorcycling, and to defend it against anyone — including government bodies — who tried to impose unnecessary laws on the biking fraternity.


    With his third wife riding pillion, Strathcarron would holiday in Europe on a solo motorcycle, followed by his butler in a three-wheeler also containing an elderly, scrawny parrot in its cage :!: :!:

    lots more...
  2. Hearing of people like this really fills me with inspiration. This bloke obviously was born to ride; he truley loved it. Shame he passed on.
  3. "Once, in pouring rain, he turned up astride his machine with helmet and goggles at the London headquarters of BP Oil and announced himself as Lord Strathcarron, only for the sceptical parking attendant to retort that he was the Queen of Sheba.

    When he returned a short time later, dressed in his customary chalk-stripe suit, the same attendant asked again who he was. "I'm Lord Strathcarron," he replied, "and you're the f***ing Queen of Sheba.""

    A true eccentric, an inspiration, and for old buggers like me, a rare role model....
  4. Growing old gracefully, and it's good to note the passing of another link with a kinder, gentler world..
  5. He sounds like my Grandfather minus the bikes etc.

    same kind of eccentric though....... and i keep getting told i take after him.

    Sorry to hear of a character like this passing.
  6. sounds like a real champion! a great loss but he did live a full life and followed his heart :)
  7. Like this bit too

    In the Lords and elsewhere he campaigned tirelessly for minimum speed limits.


    (in 2000) he came first and recorded the fastest lap in the annual Lords versus Commons race at Brands Hatch
    Not bad at 76... :)

    That'd be a sight to see here - an annual Senate v House of Reps motor race at Bathurst :LOL: :LOL:

    I'm not sure there'd be many able to compete in that - particularly if they were breathalysed first :LOL: :LOL:
  8. Still riding, aged 82!

    He sounds like an absolutely fascinating man. God save English eccentricity!
  9. I checked - the dustcart didn't kill him, he went of a heart attack.

    I did some hunting around - apparently he had a reputation for going very fast and falling off occasionally :LOL:

    I wasn't aware he went riding with Loz :LOL:
  10. My hat goes off to him.
  11. but he was fit and healthy, 'til the day he passed away
    when his motorcycle failed to take the bend at watson's bay