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Motorcycling, incorporating the Ducati Monster 659 LAMS – The journey so far

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Rob H, May 8, 2012.

  1. Ducati Monster 659 LAMS

    I’m such a novice that it seems ridiculous to provide a review but the 659 is an enigma, both difficult for a novice and yet so very sorted. I have not even begun to expose its full potential.

    Slow speed work is tricky due in part to that ever present ‘on or off’ throttle and the marriage between throttle and clutch control were never as vital as on this machine.

    The seat would not lend itself to hours in the saddle and yet I could ride it all day. The position of the bars and the brutality of the machine combine to numb my hands and yet it hardly matters. The ‘antenna’ mirrors are hideous and absolutely brilliant in delivering that to which they are intended, rear vision, albeit a little blurred due to that ever present twin rumble.

    Having learned on a CB250 and CB400 I have little to compare the Ducati to but I am enjoying my experience very much so far and look forward to continued learning.
  2. Shouldn't your assistants be Stanley and Oliver?
  3. My Dad got a 659 LAMS after moving back to Australia and never owning a bike or having ever ridden. He just saw how much fun I was having and wanted to get involved. Did his learners and I took him bike shopping.

    Tried to steer him away from Ducati because I judged there to better more economical options but he has the money and as soon as he saw the monster he said I will have that one in matte black and that was it. Despite me making fun of him (and his g@y ducati branded textile jacket) he seemed happy and after I rode it I was mildly impressed.

    I found it really comfortable, especially after my Tuono, with a comfy seat, nice wide handle bars and lovely little twin sound track. As for the ride a little snatchy for a noob but to be expected on a twin, nice initial poke but it just runs out of puff pretty quickly. Assume the resale will be high so despite my merciless bagging I thought it was a good purchase in the end if you got the money. No excuses on the ducati jacket though.
  4. I read the first 3 lines and skipped to the last line to see if you'd bought it - yep, ok you did.
  5. Being of a 'mature' age I'm in a fortunate position where I can afford the Ducati and I'm hopeful the resale value will be good. Each to their own regarding what they wear, but I'm with you on the jacket
  6. Sounds like a great bike to learn on. Style.

    If that jacket was leather, no worries. Ducati leather jackets are awesome. Not textile, though...
  7. Enjoy the ride! Monsters look awesome.
  8. Saw a couple of monsters today at the Ducati dealer, man.... Very nice indeed. I never really liked the nakeds before, but these bikes do have some style about them. Shame about the price tag though.